Friday, September 19, 2008

The Onion House: The Story Of Kendrick Kellogg-James Hubbell-Beth McCormick

On the west side of the island of Hawaii, one mile uphill from the Kona coast, are three clusters of shells, two of which rest on a large platform of lava rock surrounded by crystalline pools with views of the ocean. It looks like Shangri la, doesn't it?
It has been recently renovated to the original.
Because Kona is the most moderate climate in the world, this home was designed with only screen for windows and translucent plastic shells of light form all the roofs. A covered outdoor walkway connects the master bedroom to the main structure.
Hand built by renowned architect Kendrick Banggs Kellogg, the interior is enlivened by colorful stained glass and a mosaic table by James Hubbell.
Both architects helped to found the style known as Organic Architecture. From what I can gather, Kellogg is still living (he was born in 1931), and his firm is taking commissions HERE
James Hubbell also seems very active and you can see more of his organic architecture and art work HERE
Kellogg designed the home to take advantage of the natural breezes that come from the ocean in the day and from the lava laden mountains at night. The tall tropical plants and palms around the home make it extremely private in contrast to the inappropriately designed houses that surround it.
Now, the home of Hawaii artist Beth McCormick, the quiet natural surroundings inspire creativity and personal renewal. Beth acquired the home from her aunt who commissioned Kellogg to build it in the 1960's. As a little girl she loved visiting her aunt there. A disparaging remark about the house gave it its present name: The Onion House. A neighbor told Beth's aunt that the house looked like a big onion, but rather than be offended, her aunt was delighted by the description, and from then on called her house The Onion House. Architect Kellogg did not approve, as he intended it to represent shells.
The house is available for vacation rental through Beth McCormick HERE
I think it could stand some redecorating, don't you?
The detached master suite has a private walled meditation garden a covered outdoor walkway, flanked by lily ponds...
...and the wrap-around 70 foot long swimming pool...
...that connects the master bedroom to the main structure.
The MasterBedroom and Bath
Beth McCormick is heir to the McCormick Spice fortune. She is an artist who divides her time between Hawaii and Colorado.
Her work consists of pieces made from exotic bird feathers, and masks made from clay or stone. No birds are harmed in this process, as she uses molted feathers. You can contact The Hana Coast Gallery HERE to acquire her work.


vicki archer said...

I don't know about redecorating - would you really want to get rid of those recliner chairs!!

Incredible house.

Fifi Flowers said...

Love the architecture and gardens... is Kellogg related to Kellogg as in Tony the Tiger?

katiedid said...

I ahve just been having the best time going through your posts that I have been missing (life is just too busy lately). I loved your Jonathan post! So fun to see his muse. And this house....incredible! Seems so James Bond European. Not for me, but I would love to see it in a movie.

Fabulous...You and your posts!

Visual Vamp said...

I would love to do this house up! The exterior and architecture is so fab, but inside looks like a suburban tract home. Anyone of us could make it movie worthy! Or at least make us want to rent it for a holiday.