Friday, November 7, 2008

Mrs. Blandings In New York With Eddie Ross!

Here's a cute photo pf Patricia S. known as our beloved Mrs. Blandings looking spiffy in her chic uniform of a crisp white shirt, sleek skirt, and an interesting necklace, and adding two pieces of arm candy, Jaithan and Eddie. Eddie Ross posted this photo HERE
I'm sure Mrs. B. will have many great photos and stories to tell us when she gets back next week!


annechovie said...

Great photo of Patricia S.! Also, thank you so much for the icon on your sidebar - very sweet of you! I have been working so much that I have not kept up with my blogfriends and their posts and I JUST noticed it! Thank you so much, Valorie! Have a terrific weekend!

Ewa said...

arm candy - ha ha ha :) really sweet :)

Leciawp said...

So that's what she's been up to all week! I've missed her posts. Nice picture.

Ocean Hammock Residents said...

Hey VV!

They had a tango instructor one night on my cruise ship. But my feet were too tired and anyway I'm SURE you're so much better. Lots of blog posting and reading to catch up with now, before the Christmas decorating starts!

Best, MK

Sneaky Chic said...

Hi Miz V!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope all is well in LA!

Eddie Ross is just so cute! I adore his style and fashion sense. I have seen different men try to bring back the bow tie over the years, never successfully. Eddie does it so well, he ROCKS the bow tie. I just want to kiss him!

pve design said...

Really - would make a wonderful image for a "Toothpaste" ad, full of smiles and chicness!
We are going to meet, next time Mrs.Blandings heads East!

Carla said...

Hi Valorie, thanks for the lovely piece on the Moulin Rouge photos from Paris Tango. There is a book on its way to you. best Carla x