Sunday, March 29, 2009

What A Party! A Bold Face Night!

It was a glorious night! The rain stopped, the night was cool and breezy with low humidity and a lovely sliver of a crescent moon.
The first guest was blogger Karen Depp from Baton Rouge who brought her "nibbles on fire" and a bottle of wine, and lovely tea towel from her shop that I immediately put out as a glam bar towel as per her suggestion. We chatted for a a few minutes before the first guests arrived, Nathan from Laurel Street, Mitchell from Optimism and White and Paint with is significant other Thomas. Todd, Thomas' cute twin came too. Jack and Caroline and Andre from Perch arrived along with Jessica (textile conservator) and Linda (in house designer at Home Depot). The next wave brought neighbors Julie and Larry who came in the back door. Then Eddie and Jaithan arrived with Jordan and Sara (a blogger from Birmingham, Alabama).

Everyone was so excited, and cameras were going off like a paparazzi convention.
No room was off limits to the bloggers, and they peeked into every room asking me a zillion questions, making me feel so good with all the oohing and ahing, and taking lots of pictures. We got on like the family members that we truly all are.
Then the fabulous Bryan Batt (yes the actor from Mad Men who is a New Orleans resident and an interior designer, and co owner of Hazelnut) and his dreamy handsome partner Tom Cianfichi arrived.

I had run into them at Wal Mart a couple of weeks ago, and asked if they'd like to come and meet Eddie. It was great to finally have them in our home.
Julie Neill and her entourage of Doug, Jennifer, Leslie, Christine arrived with another handsome dreamboat named Jonathan. I presented the drawing I asked Patricia from PVE to make for her. She was touched and thrilled.

Our lovely tango daughter (a favorite student) Linda Lee stopped by, looking very fetching in a pretty cocktail frock. I hope I've remembered everyone! The house was filled! If I forgot someone, please e-mail me, so I can offer my junior moment mea culpa!
Alberto held court with the pretty girls, telling them our tango love story, and soon cries went out urging us to dance a tango. I changed my satin turquoise peep toe sling backs, for a pair of tango shoes, and we danced our hearts out for the merry group.
The party started at 6:30, and the last guests left near eleven.
I must confess that I was more hostess than blogger. I didn't take alot of photos, and posed for a few. But all the other bloggers, including Eddie and Jaithan, and Julie Neill took tons, so I am sure there will be sufficient cross coverage ha ha.
Alberto used his nifty new Flip video camera (a Christmas gift from Jessica and Jon), and snapped some stills too, and he promised to make a video to show to all of you so you can feel like you were there. And truly you all were there, because we talked about all of you!
So stay tuned to the bloggers I mentioned, and of course I will post too.
Everybody brought delish snacks and bottles of wine and spirits, and we so appreciated these contributions.
Today we went to the Home and Garden show and saw the rooms Eddie and his crew created, and they were genius. I took lots of pictures of those, being in full blogger swing today.
PS: All the links to the blogs mentioned are on My Blog List in the right hand margin. Forgive me for not linking them here - I'm pooped! And very, very happy for the excellent company that passed an evening with Alberto and The Vamp.


Kwana said...

What a wonderful night! The pictures are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

pve design said...

It looks worth all the effort involved! Love your dress and thanks for sharing the evening - across the miles.

Linda Merrill said...

Oh - totally jealous of your fantastic party!! You all look fantastic and it sounds like so much fun. PLUS your share of celebrities! Starting with the Vamp, of course!

Robyn said...

Looks like a great time was had by all-- oh to be a fly on the wall at Ms. V's.

72 and sunny said...

how fun! It looks like it was a great success. I wish I had been there too!

Julio Muao said...

That was fun Valerie. I felt like I was there. I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing your fabulous and inspiring evening.

Anonymous said...

I was there - it was a star studded gala. And the house was, of course, gorgeous.

Many thanks V, I'm sorry I couldn't stay longer!

Karen said...

Oh Valorie - you make me want to come back home and stay! I am already promising myself that the RDX Razzle Dazzle will head down again soon.
This time when I visit Perch it will NOT be to buy beautiful things for my daughters, but for ME!!


Sabina said...

How wonderful! I'm glad to see Linda and Jessica were there too.

Topsy Turvy said...

Valorie - What a great party - so many beautiful people! Thanks for sharing!


simply seleta said...

How fun!!! You are quite the fab hostess and what a swanky crowd!

Anonymous said...

Regarding group photo number one (which, by the way, is adorable): Uh, are those like totally huge wine glasses or are you all just really tiny people?

Well, like everyone else, I wish I COULD have been there. But since, like everyone else, I COULDN'T, thanks for letting me peek in the window.

But then again, I'm quite the bumbler at parties, so it's just as well that I remain a voyeur.

Anonymous said...

. . . most of all I wish I could've seen that Tango. . .

Anonymous said...

"I presented the drawing I asked Patricia from PVE to make for her. She was touched and thrilled."

What a classy gesture Ms Vamp.
Hey Contessa, did you know that you don't have the Vamp's blog among your favorites? What gives?

Did anybody recorded the tango dance?
Let's see it please!

Fifi Flowers said...

Looks like a GREAT gathering... you look FAB! ADORE that first photo!

Anonymous said...

Such a great party!!! You are one AMAZING person!! We LOVE you!
Eddie & Jaithan