Friday, September 11, 2009

Swedish Country Interiors: The Look Book Part 1

The world is in love with Swedish style. It is more popular than French, or French Country, and who can even remember Tuscan style? Belgian style is nipping at the heels of Swedish style, and each of these interpretations owes a nod to our old friend Shabby Chic style.
The beautiful new book Swedish Country Interiors is one to add to your collection of design books. You can get it now HERE

Rhonda Eleish and Edie van Breems combine their many years of experience and expertise as interior designers and Swedish antiques dealers to show how you can incorporate Swedish design into your living spaces. Their Valentine to Swedish Country style is filled with luscious eye candy (photography by Jon E. Monson and, Rhonda's husband L. Langdon "Buffer" Ergmann), and wonderful descriptions of what comprises this genre. There's a lovely introduction written by Lisa Newsom and David Easton.

Seagrass, deep drop ruffle on the bed, and the padded headboard are staples

I won't give you a long essay on the images here. There are other bloggers who are far better wordsmiths, and besides I think you should buy this wonderful edition to discover what lies in its pages, and read the authors' words yourself.

The ceiling fan might be necessary, but it's unfortunate visually

Swedish Country Interiors showcases fifteen homes from across the United States that are varied in scale, style, and interpretation. Among them are a neoclassical home with Swedish influence situated in Atlanta, a mill house for an old paper factory that has been converted to a beautiful weekend living space in Connecticut, and a California beach house in Laguna Beach made to be the perfect Swedish country retreat. As a stand-alone or the perfect companion volume to Swedish Interiors, this book will put beauty and hours of inspiration into your hands and home.

Curves ahead!
Just lovely - the curvy French table with the curvy clock, and curvy chandelier
And another staple - white slip covers

I hate theme decorating. But I have to admit that I am drawn to Swedish style. The antiques, the colors whether pale or bold, the simplicity, the country casual attitude, well it reminds me of beach houses in the best way.

Love these lanterns!
They remind me of the ones in my friends' country house HERE

My own bedroom was meant to be French inspired, but as I look around it, it really is more Swedish in feeling. It kind of snuck up on me!

Rhonda Eleish and Edie van Breems opened the doors to Eleish van Breems Antiques in 1998, specializing in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Swedish antiques. Their company, Eleish van Breems Ltd. has expanded to become a full service Nordic design showroom and they are sought out for their interiors featuring the best hallmarks of Scandinavian design.

I might be crazy, but these floors look like laminate (not that's there's anything wrong with it!)
Remember Sweden sent us the hot new product Pergo 25 years ago!

Dig this fab secretary with a clock embedded in it!

Beautiful ironstone collection

As you leaf through the pages of Swedish Country Interiors, you get a primer on every element needed to achieve the look.

The side tables are antiques that were once used for chamber pots
I spy a fantastic bed swing through the doorway

Whether it's the tall, folk-painted Swedish case clocks, checked gingham, natural wood flooring, or the allowance of an abundance of light into interior living spaces, Swedish country style draws people from all walks of life with its fresh, clean, comfortable, and well-designed look.

The spaces in Swedish Country Interiors range from a single room to an entire country retreat, from a pool house or an artist's cottage to living spaces on a grand scale, the many interpretations of Swedish country offer a multitude of design possibilities.

Swedish style values mixing the old with the new and favors functionality along with tradition. It is recognized by its color palette, pickled wood floors, minimal window treatments, and folk-painted clocks, trunks, and wall hangings. Country style can be interpreted from the rustic, with dark woods and painted walls, to the elegant Gustavian style with crystal lighting and gilt wood frames. Swedish country translates very naturally in a contemporary modern setting and is perfect for family friendly living.

Swedish Country Interiors showcases homes that have a wide spectrum of interpretations of Swedish country style-rustic, rural, urban, comfortable, family friendly, elegant, simple, complex, grand, humble, and eclectic.

Country style can be interpreted from the rustic, with dark woods and painted walls, to the elegant Gustavian style with crystal lighting and gilt wood frames. Swedish country translates very naturally in a contemporary modern setting and is perfect for family friendly living.

Swedish stoves are an art form unto themselves

Gustavian chairs and a farm house table

So hunker down with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, and peruse these images.

19th century daybed

Each one can show you the way to getting a bit of this going in your home.

Love this fabric
Note the very plain "coronet"

Thank you Rhonda and Edie for this fantastic new volume. I'm sure it will be a huge and well deserved success for you!

These 198h century chairs look so modern


Rhonda resides in Bridgewater, Connecticut with her daughter Kari and husband Buffer. Edie lives with her family in a 1760 colonial home in Fairfield, Connecticut.
They have a blog on Swedish design HERE


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They are so lovely and are really doing a great job. Doing a book is so much work!