Friday, April 2, 2010

The Vamp Reveals Her Secrets

Visual Vamp ReVamp: The Dining Room

What a great response I got to the Visual Vamp Revamp: The Dining Room
Thank you all for your great comments and encouragement!
I want to share sources for some of the things you asked about: paint, furniture, drapes, accessories.

1. Paint color: I shop at Wal Mart for my paint. Sherwin Williams makes the Wal Mart brand called Color Place, and it is great paint. I personally have the color mixed in a Kilz base because of the dampness in New Orleans.

The color I used over five years ago in my guest room is called Studio Beige. To me it's the perfect "greige" that magic combination of beige and gray.

Visual Vamp "greige" in the Guest Room

I have a frayed notebook of all the ideas, swatches, and sketches of the various projects for the house that I started when we bought the house. There was one little paint chip in the notebook, and I had a can of left over paint that I use for touch ups.

With these in hand I marched off to my local Wal Mart ready to get the color of paint again. I felt a little tense when I couldn't find the chip on the display rack.

I got a person in the paint department to help me, and they took my pathetic tiny five year old swatch (with all printed information now worn off!), and put in the computer match thingee, and came up with the formula. It matched the old paint in the touch up can perfectly!

Here is the formula:

Flat Tint Base - 330 Base 3 - gallon
KK 11y19.5

I had a client go to Wal Mart with this formula to get the paint for a bedroom we are doing, and it came out just right.

Wal Mart is also carrying the Better Homes and Garden line for Dutch Boy paint, and there is a color called Creamy Pebbles BHG809 which is very close to Studio Beige.

2. Some of you liked the bench and asked where I got it.

Visual Vamp Revamp: Dining R00m bench

Since I wasn't sure the bench would work out, I chose a bargain on JC Penneys online. It's designed by Chris Madden was and only $179. It has gone up to $189., but it's a great price for a decent looking bench that is solid.

Get this Chris Madden bench at JC Penneys online HERE

I also considered this Chris Madden bench from JC Penneys online HERE

And I really like this bench too from JC Penneys online HERE
All of these benches are around $189.

3. The mini stag heads also elicited questions.

Visual Vamp ReVamp: Dining Room Drapes, Cow Hide, Stag Heads

I got them from the shop I work in, and you can them from perch. in New Orleans online, or call me at the shop 504 899 2122!

Mini stag heads from perch. HERE

4. Some of you inquired about the white cowhide rug I draped on the dining room table. I buy all my cowhide rugs on eBay. The prices are the best. And remember unless you buy a dyed white rug, that a natural white rug will have variations in color, which I prefer.

This white cow hide rug is on eBay now HERE

The silk drapes get alot of favorable remarks, and if you are on a budget Half Price Drapes is a great source. I also love where they have these shantung panels at a very good price, and they are 118 inches long and will fit the the oversize windows we have in New Orleans. You can always hem them if you have normal size windows.

Shantung panels from HERE
They come in tons of great colors!

The curtain rod I prefer is the return rod to the wall. I use this very affordable one from Country Curtains. It comes in several finishes; I use antique brown.

Return rod from Country Curtains HERE

5. The slip cover fabric is pretty basic.
Visual Vamp ReVamp: Dining Room white slip cover on Parsons chairs

I shop frequently on, and I found this great super white 10 ounce white cotton canvas for only $5.98 a yard. It's now $6.98 a yard with free shipping for orders of $35. or more. I used 5 yards per chair. I love the weight of this fabric. It's very much like the white denim Rachel Ashwell used for her Shabby Chic slip covers.
Fabric. com has tons of linens and cottons. Just spend some time getting to know the site.

White slip cover fabric from HERE

I would have purchased ready made slip covers, but my chairs are a bit over sized, so I had to have them made. However, I liked this ready made slip cover very much from the Etsy store Simple Linens.

Ready made white slip cover for a Parsons chair from Simple Linens HERE

6. My glue gun and staple burlap skirt also got a great response.

If I wasn't in such a hurry, and didn't have the burlap fabric laying around, I would have purchased one from Simple Linens.
If you're not DIY inclined, this is a great cabinet skirt, or sink skirt.

Burlap sink skirt from Simple Linens HERE

I also like this sink skirt from Simple Linens which could be adapted for any lower cabinet

So there you have a few of the sources I like to use. I am always happy to share them with you.

Let us know if you have any secret sources that you would like to share!


Jan said...

Oh did I wish you Happy Easter ?
Happy Easter Valorie !

Living It At Home said...

I am so happy that you did this post and gave away all your secrets! Very exciting! Once again, I love your home and how you decorated it. You are extremely talented and have a great eye!

I am going to look into that paint color, the bench and now I have to have a hide rug! Do you think IKEA's hide rugs are good? I have seen them there for around 100 or so. I am so excited to get started!

Happy Easter and thanks for sharing!

Sabina said...

As someone who has stayed in the guest room, let me tell everyone about how wonderful that paint color is. Restful and somehow stimulating at the same time. I'm so glad you could get it again Val.

Karena said...

All great finds, and combined together, fabulous!!

Art by Karena

custardbydesign said...

fantastic finds

i think the stags heads rock...

Acanthus and Acorn said...

So thoughtful and generous to share all you tips and insights!

MFAMB said...

great sources mama!!

Helen said...

Chock full of great tips .. and so very generous of you to do this for all of us.

Gerry said...

What a transformation!!! I'm so glad you mentioned the WalMart paint. My father-in-law was a house painter for years and always said that Sherwin Williams made WalMart paint. I have had people be a little snobbish about that and I'm so glad that "The Vamp" has confirmed my story!

Jules said...

Happy Easter. What a pity we don't live in the same country! More on line shopping for me!

Anonymous said...

So gracious of you to post your sources for the dining room redo. I think this should truly be the role of design blogs - to share information, resources and ideas. Thanks so much.

Southern Chateau said...

Very nice!

Greet Lefèvre said...

So kind of you to give all the information!
And thank you so much for your nice comment on my blogpost!
Happy Easter!

La Maison Fou said...

Great little tip thanks Valorie. I love the way the room turned out!

Velvet and Linen said...

Your talents never cease to amaze me, Valorie!
Your dining room looks beautiful. It's so generous of you to share all of your secrets with us!

xo xo

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I just came across your blog but I am blown away! Your home is uniquely beautiful as is every post I've read so far! I can't wait to follow along as see more of your transformations and ideas ~

Kim@chattafabulous said...

Thanks for these revealing these great resources. Love your style!

Marija said...

Valorie this is going above and beyond! Sources, links, how tos? Too kind. I am determined to find a place to use that ready made parsons slipcover! Marija

Kwana said...

You are too good to us for sharing your secrets.

♥Frann♥ said...


pve design said...

I love your "bit of a dump" home! I think that would make a great name for a design shop.
Now I feel so empowered for my own "bit of a dump" home. Thanks for sharing or divulging your secrets.
Happy Easter to you. I can see the eggs there, all in
pale shades of greige.

Mar gar et said...

My mom lived in a shotgun-the house poses dimension/pass-through challenges, and you did a fantastic job. Greige is so 1960 era, used at 'Vogue Magazine' NYC offices. Nicky Haslam uses that color frequently for very high end clientele. I also like Wal-Mart's paint and they have great prices on reduced 'wrong shade'paints. Thanks for the burlap skirt idea.

No name said...

I stumbled upon your blog within Cote de Texas and rushed right over to see your style. It really was the name that got me. Just as I suspected you have exquisite taste. I couldn't find the link to comment where you had mentioned the Mooi Chandeliers. Those are beautiful and right up my alley in what I've been looking for. I'll look forward to visiting your blog in the future.

Have a blessed weekend,