Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear Sex And The City 2

Dear Sex and the City 2,
I really wanted to love you. And you're so bad, but not so bad that it's good.

Or were we all just younger back in the day of the TV series, and even still feeling a little youngish for the first movie crush that was you, and came out just two years ago?

Still I sat through all your embarrassment, and was entertained for the two plus hours, though it was a case study in everything that can wrong with a sequel to a sequel.

Equal opportunity stereo typing; tons of bad taste jokes; actor's faces too frozen with cosmetic manipulation; performances phoned in; directing as non dimensional as it can get; costume design bloated and disappointing; set design non engaging.

Still my darling SATC2 I'll tell my friends to rent you on DVD, or go see you at the movies. You are mindless soulless drivel, and sometimes that's all we need.

I will always love you dear Sex and the City, even though this time you couldn't love me back.

Your friend,
Visual Vamp

With a plethora of blogs covering every angle of the movie, I will just give you a round up of photos of the set design of Big and Carrie's (Mr. and Mrs. John Preston) apartment.

Most of the movie looks like an old Hope-Crosby road movie filmed on a back lot and a sound stage.

The exterior of the building Carrie and Big live in made me smile, an homage (whether the creators know it or not) to the exterior of the home of the original (and still the best) single New York girl about town, one Miss Holly Golightly.

The green stripe canopy on Carrie and Big's apartment reminded me of the green stripe awnings on Holly's brownstone.

A collage of Holly Golightly's apartment, including a drawing by Fifi Flowers

What can I say about Carrie and Big's apartment?

Of course there is THE closet of the girl who proclaims: “I’ve been cheating on fashion with furniture".

You are either one kind of person or the other: you spend your money putting designer clothes on your back, or you spend your money on your house. Which are you?

I think her closet belies her cheating fashion for furniture, because the wardrobe she wears throughout the movie, including a $50,000 outfit comprised of jeans and Chanel doesn't look like she scrimps on her fashion budget in lieu of decorating. Mr. Big must have big deep pockets.

There's a scene where Carrie goes back to her old apartment, a place she keeps for writing, because God knows she can't find a private place in her new huge zillion room digs on the Upper East Side while Big spends the day at the office, and she spends the day doing what?

The furnishings are luxe for sure, but the whole apartment feels dark and dreary.

It all looks so dated. The somber blue mohair couch is the point of contention in the marriage. Note the pink rug, and the Foo dogs on the coffee table. The coffee table is odd - it looks like some crazy Lazy Susan in the center, and the book arrangement tries too hard for the clever factor.

Murano lamps, and designer wallpaper don't lift the mood.

Carrie loves and caresses the purple silk drapes in her bedroom.

The bed looks like the fortress of lonely. Maybe it's the lighting design.

There are a couple of interesting lighting fixtures.

The hammered metal shade over the dining room table is pretty spectacular. But the bookshelves are cluttered and over styled.

Here are a couple of links with some good articles on the whole mish mash.

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Things That Inspire said...

I dress in J. Crew (on sale) I can afford the furniture and house that truly makes my heart sing.

The Gimlet Eye said...

Could not agree more re: Big and Carrie's apartment feeling very dark and depressing and outdated! I have to say, I loved every light fixture in that well as their kitchen tile, light switches, and her narrow dresser in the bedroom. That may be it! Ha.
...did enjoy the new theater at Canal Place, though. I highly recommend that you try it if you already haven't!

Fifi Flowers said...

Ooooh FUN to see MY artwork in your post!!!
I remember 2 years ago... I chatted with YOU for the first time with rollers in my hair... about to run out the door to see the first Sex and the City movie!!!

Squeak said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I've seen the apartment featured on several websites. Frankly, the thing is as ugly as hell! There isn't a single thing to like, let alone love about it.

And the few clothes I've seen - do people really dress like that?

All in all, it sounds like a movie to be avoided.

Sabina said...

I do love that poof Carrie is sitting on while talking to Mr Big. But the overall palette is kind of "eh"

Sketch42 said...

I DIDNT like the apartment at all... it felt really depressing. the kind of apartment that would make you feel "old and married". Just FYI, sitting on a couch ordering in is my idea of heaven.

And I obviously spend my money on furniture. FURNITURE FURNITURE FURNITURE!

Oona Johnson said...

Ouch. So glad I did not design this movie set.

Tiffaney said...

Totally agree with you and I kept thinking, "Who ARE these people? Are they in some parallel/Lost universe??" And during scenes of their apartment: get me outta this chlostrophobic and uncomfortable prison! It would have been a far more interesting film to see what happens when Big lose all his money & Samantha's PR agency tanked -- and they all had to figure out a new way to exist in the new economy without the projectile spending. Nothing about this film lived up. For shame, Michael Patrick Harris & SJP. Over the top is sooooo 2008.

Mar gar et said...

I agree that the bed is dreary looking, not centered between the windows (WTH?). In this case I would agree that an Opium Bed would liven up the room. The childish, under-sized desk in the master is the reason Carrie must travel back to her old digs to write.

La Petite Gallery said...

Sorry I never watched the show. The Apt. does look like it could use some uplifting. The clothes are strange looking, missing a
tattoo and a few rings in the nose.
LOL. yvonne

pve design said...

Did you see any other movies worth going to?
I myself try to buy thrifty things, shop salvation army, the trash and occasionally when I need something new, I try to resist, either designing it, making it, or buying one thing. My closet is fine for me, and so is my wardrobe, the best is being happy with me, my insides, my work, my family.
I would not want to go back to single, sexy in the city like those ladies....I met the writer and she was very sexy and I did enjoy the first movie, but I guess I prefer a foreign movie, intrigue, romance and not too much cleverness, just authenticity.

(kwana did not like it either)

La Maison Fou said...

I have not seen it, but I did just see #1 recently on dvd. So, I will probably see this one that way too! I have to admit, a Nancy Meyer flick is more up my alley! Instant you know it's gonna be good gratification.

MFAMB said...

i haven't seen the movie yet but i think the apartment was supposed to feel slightly 1950's housewife oppressive.
the pics i have seen i haven't really liked.
i am trying to avoid blogger's recaps of the movie bc they are giving so much away.

Unknown said...

Enjoy looking at your site....just a bit of (hopefully) constructive criticism (no expectation that you post this)--

My journalism 101 class (25 years ago) taught us that captions describing what is in a photo always go under said photo. You drive me ca-razy when you put the description above the picture. I'm guessing your getting your readers informed as to what pic is coming but, doll, it ain't right, it just ain't right. xo

Anonymous said...

You're about 18-20 years older than these characters.

Visual Vamp said...

Dear luvptown,
Thanks for the input. Yes I know about the rules of caption writing, but blog writing is a different animal that I am still trying to tame. Most blog readers are skimmers, and want to read fast and get out. So sometimes I leave out captions.
Sorry to annoy you, but please keep reading.

Anon - You should live so long and be as happy as I am! By your estimate I would be over 70! Woo hoo, I look great and feel even better!
As ever, thanks for reading and taking the time to write to me.

xo xo

Visual Vamp said...

via Facebook:

from Lynda Quintero-Davids

Saw it last night - in-spite of its bad reviews. Kept in mind it's entertainment - but it lagged on too many 'real' scenes - too emotional. The most entertainment was from Samantha's sexy one liners (even as cliche some of them may have been) And your post was right about how oppressive the interiors were (Bigs Apt) NOTHING refreshing like Carrie's blue from SATC1. Hopefully they GIVE IT UP and do not DARE do a 3!!! This was a painful enough stretch!

red ticking said...

i saw the first one... and they should have stopped there... unfortunately, they continue and it dilutes a fabulous series.

i have seen trailers on this and will wait to see it on netflix... so sad.

great post! have a lovely weekend ... xoxo

Kwana said...

You have hit it out of the park here. I could not agree more. And love your bed description.LOL. I wish I could be a furniture or decor person. Right now I'm a kid person.

Anonymous said...

Love your take on this!

A Casa da Vá said...

Wow I agree with you in most of the comments! I must say that I did enjoy the interior design of their hotel room. But yeah I will always love Sex in the City even thou the 2nd movie was a bummer...