Monday, November 24, 2008

Fall Flowers And Food

Unlocking the vault to share some photos from my portfolio that I hope you will enjoy as we start the week with our Thanksgiving preparations.
The first three photos are from the book "New Home Cooking" by Florence Fabricant.
The photos are by John Dugdale, and they were done in my old New York apartment. All of the dishes, flatware, etc. are things I use all the time. I did the photo styling.
The next photos are from various parties I did.
This one is in a favorite container I used alot - a basket that looks like a bird's nest. I think the lilies look very bird like, and the Oncidium orchids look like butterflies. Do you see the quail eggs nestled in there? I also used Khaki color table linens quite a bit. Galax leaf wrapped votives were a signature item.
This is like a Della Robbia painting. Adding the fruit along with the jewel tone flowers looks so rich. The tapestry print tablecloth expands on this idea.
Cattails and flowers nestled into a bed of grass, with Gloriosa Lilies all combine to bring a garden to an urban table setting.
Feathers, flowers, fruit, and the animal skins made a striking vignette. The skins belonged to the client. The location is The Metropolitan Club.
A topiary form using a silver wine bucket holder for the "trunk" of the tree. Jewel tone flowers packed tip to tip suggest a topiary ball. The location is La Belle Epoque.
Cattails and Star Gazer Lilies and Gloriosa Lilies in a simple Art Nouveau hand blown glass vase, with bear grass and ivy tendrils, placed in front of Flemish tapestry. Location: The Burden Mansion.
Thanksgiving flowers for an Upper East apartment. The urns and pedestals are mine, and loaned to the client for the occasion.
Bridesmaids bouquets for a Fall wedding using a profusion of Dahlias,
Photos for my portfolio were done by Adam Anik and Juris Mardwig.


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Stunning! All of it!

Jan said...

Hi, I'm following if that's okay, it may take me some time to catch up though !

An Aesthete's Lament said...

I have always loved John Dugdale's photography.

pve design said...

I am so impressed with all of this. Gorgeous arrangements and utter loveliness.

vicki archer said...

Very clever - makes me want to start arranging. xv

Cote de Texas said...

You never cease to amaze me.

Pigtown-Design said...

I agree with AAL... John Dugdale had such a great style. I alwats used to check for his byline. What-ever happened to him?