Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ballard Designs Great Copy Cat Chandeliers

Ballard Designs does it again! They have managed to reproduce a very good looking French style chandelier at a fraction of the cost of an antique or even a good looking reproduction.

Lourdes from Ballard looks like a Julie Neill chandelier

The Lourdes chandelier looks very much like a Julie Neill style chandelier. Even when I worked for JN I could not afford one of her lighting fixtures, nor could I talk her into rewarding me with even a sconce as a commission ha ha.

Lourdes is a miracle for only $299.
A Julie Neill reproduction chandy goes for thousands

If you have a some DIY savvy, you could doll up the Lourdes with a little gold leaf. It's pretty easy to do.

Julie Neill chandelier

Genevieve is another great looking copy cat chic chandelier

There is also another great looking chandelier at Ballard that is a little fancier, dripping with glass beads. It's called Genevieve. While neither of these may be as high quality as a hand crafted designer chandelier, they are very good looking for the price, and are certainly more attainable.
I hate when stylish pretty things are reserved only for those with lots of money, and that's why I love Ballard. They make design a bit more democratic.

Genevieve retails for $469. instead of $4699.

I got the latest Ballard catalog the other day and found a couple of more things I like.

This giclee is described: "California artist, Samantha Carlisle, uses layers of color and script to give her canvases endless depth and lingering mood. In this romantic print, the gown and French script background seems to glow from within with a soft, ethereal light."

Giclee of a dress $349. at Ballard HERE

This Samantha Carlisle print would be so pretty in my house

Ballard also has alot of Christmas stuff on sale. Check out the Ballard Estate Sale online. I love this pre-lit slim tree because it is 9 feet tall, perfect for the tall ceilings in New Orleans.

50% off at Ballard HERE

Concorde Medallion panels on sale at Ballard HERE

I also like these curtains found in the Estate Sale section.

Concorde Medallion panels from Ballard Designs

These panels remind me of Jill Sharp Brinson who is the creative director at Ballard, and had one of the all time favorite covers and editorial features in House Beautiful in December 2009.

The living room of Jill Brinson

Jill Brinson had the best House Beautiful story of 2009


Cote de Texas said...

i love that second chandy. that's a new one!!!!! great one!

Appletree said...

Julie Neilld's things are gorgeous but now I am so turned off of her that she wouldn't give you even a sconce.

Elizabeth said...

Outstanding. Love Ballard Designs.

Wholesale Flooring Pro said...

So enchanted by Jill Brinson's House Beautiful design, especially the rustic and simple style, totally love it. Thanks for sharing these pics and the info about Ballard! Love "affordable" luxuries ;)

Anonymous said...

a guy could get very spoiled, having the vamp arrive along with dessert each evening, just like in the 'old' days!

hi, valorie, glad that alberto and you are rested enough for you to post most nights.

cold enough down here for both a mink stole and a persian lamb coat and accompanying babushki! oy.

hope it is warmer to the west. and that your little living hot water bottle is behaving.

hello to alberto, and aarf to cholo. m