Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The full moon has come, and with it brought another blooming of the Cereus plant in the garden. If you know this magical plant, you know it only blooms for a few hours during the night, usually on a full moonlit night.Two fat buds appeared just about the same time our dear friends Sabina and Joe came to visit and stay with us. They are displaced Katrina folks, and visit us from San Francisco where they have temporarily relocated.
I decided to call these two lovely budding beauties Sabina and Joe!
And one night, after we came in from tango dancing, there they were! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sabina and Joe!!!
Right now Sabina and Joe the flowers have closed up into waning buds that will wither and fall off the plant. The dear friends Sabina and Joe are packed and ready to head back to San Francisco, our friendship never to wither or wane.
Mid October here in New Orleans is such a wonder. I saw that it is snowing in Salt Lake City, Utah this morning, and here our garden is blooming its head off. The night bloomers, like this Angel Trumpet (I call Miss Anne after the lady who passed this plant along to me), Night Blooming Jasmine, and of course the elusive Cereus are extra robust and fill the night air with intoxicating fragrances.


Pigtown*Design said...

My dad had one of these and of course it bloomed during a huge party my sisters and i were having. he was photographing it.. this was in HS, so we were all embarrassed.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Well..I am loving that you name your plants!!

And...oh lucky you on witnessing that elusive night blooming cereus! Ours has not bloomed yet, but it has climbed so high maybe it has and we have never caught it.And the smell, Heavenly.

your angel trumpet too.

Visual Vamp said...

Isn't it funny about dads (and moms) and how we felt about them in high school ha ha. Now we do some of the same corny things like take photos of flowers!
And Linda your Cereus sounds awesome!
I once saw a tree size Cereus (in fact it was my first experience with one) in Key West, and on that magical night the entire thing was covered with blooms. You could smell the frangrance six blocks away...Ever since then I have loved this plant. A friend from Macon, GA gave me a small cutting which I put in a huge pot on my front porch, and it has grown to be a big blooming mother!
xo xo

Paul Pincus said...


Sabina said...

Wow what a nice post,thanks! I thought the closed buds of the cereus were beautiful too. They look like tassels and the color is my favorite shade of coral. Angel trumpets bloom here in San Francisco too, and everytime I see one I think of Miss Anne and New Orleans.