Monday, October 13, 2008

Kitchen Edit

The last delivery of chairs from the grand reupholstery project came today. Everything got covered with white faux leather, and French Natural nail head trim. The chairs were repaired and stabilized. but original paint finishes were not touched
These chairs came from Spain, and are well over a hundred years old. They're salon chairs, but we use them as our dining chairs. I bought them in New York City many years ago at an antique store on Houston Street called Cob Web. I used them "as is". They were upholstered in a raw yellow silk. As the years passed the chairs got more rickety, and the fabric got stained and dirty. There were six chairs, but two got lost along the way.
I loved the white faux leather fabric I found on eBay for a mere $3. per yard, and used it on the revamp of the sofa first. I have had white slip covered furniture in the past, but wanted something a little more updated and easy to keep clean.
I loved the job Leonels did for me on the old camel back sofa, so much so, that I decided to move on to doing an antique French settee that had an unusual and strangely beautiful old upholstery.
The frame of the settee was in sore need of repair, and Leonel said they could restore this 150 year old piece.
There was still some fabric left over, thus came the decision to re-do the dining room chairs too, which was a long overdue project. I got away with using them in all their yellow glory for so many years, without anyone falling on the floor (if one of the old chairs finally gave out and collapsed).
They are so stable and comfortable now, as well as being very beautiful. The nail heads were spaced a bit apart to give them a less traditional look. Also, the less nail heads used, the less money in labor costs.
Once again Leonel did a fabulous job, and I hope to get many, many more years of use from these chairs.
Of course I had to do a little revamping of the breakfast area to live up to all this new beauty! I had been wanting to try out the settee along with the chairs around the table.
I also took advantage of my house cleaning mood to edit, edit, edit. I removed an entire collection of Majolica plates from one wall, and also removed the two huge rooster plaques. The mantle was a jumble of a collection of Majolica pitchers and a pair of Dore style lamps, and the walls around the fireplace covered with odds and ends of Louisiana folk art.
I brought in a lovely painting done by the artist James Michalopoulos, on loan to me from Sabina and Joe until they finally have their own home again. It was one of their few possessions saved from the fatal damage that Katrina did to their home, and I am so lucky that they have entrusted it to me for the duration. I also chose the best of the Majolica plates to display on only one wall. I'm trying to sell the tole sconce, but in the meantime it can remain as it is.Also on the mantle, the best Majolica pitcher, just three plates on stands, a modern lamp, and a baguette basket.
I also removed all the folk art (except for one painting leaning against the wall while perched on the bar), and a cabinet that sat on top of the bar. I streamlined the bar, adding a couple of white ironstone platters to hold bottles and accoutrements.
So there you have it! The end of the great reupholstery project!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

I have to say...I am loving your use of the faux leather! SO PRACTICAL...SO COOL..SO SO!(love your nail heads!)

It all looks amazing! Love your editing, too!

Visual Vamp said...

Thanks Miss Linda!!!
I need to have a yard sale ha ha!
xo xo

beachbungalow8 said...

that majolica! i die.

i love the faux leather. pleather, whatever. why don't i ever think to look on ebay for that sort of thing!

Beaux Mondes Designs said...

Great fabric selection. Beautiful salon chairs. Did you change the finish on the settee? it doesn't look as gold with the new fabric but I think it looks better. I especially love the camel back sofa. I agree, Leonel did a great job on all the chairs. Thanks for the inspiration.

P.S. beautiful gathering your collection.

Cote de Texas said...

beautiful - love the nailheads. ok - time to paint! no? the silk is gone - soooooo - what color? hahahahahahahha!!!

the chairs are gorgeous, I want so faux leather - it's a great idea.

Kat said...

Wow! Great makeover on the chairs and the settee. Great fabric choice and the nail head trim is perfection.

Cote de Texas said...

oh I forgot!!!!!

Your majolica is gorgeous - what a fabulous collection. What if you pulled a color from the collection? I love the sconce too. You have such great things!

Ann said...

The French settee and chairs looks so chic and classy. What a wonderful idea and project.

vicki archer said...

The changes look fab - doesn't it feel so therapeutic when you have a big re-shuffle like that. I personally love the wall sconce and think it perfect where you have hung it - so please don't sell it too quickly.xv

Ivy Lane said...

Looking fantastic! I love the bench with the chairs! and the editing... great job!! Don't have that yard sale just never know what you may want to re-introduce!! I like your style! :)

Visual Vamp said...

Thanks everybody for visiting my breakfast nook! Wish I good whip up breakfast for all of you!
And Joni we're on the same wave length again sister! I just didn't get to the paint store yet!!!
I love my French mustard color kitchen and I don't want to repaint the entire huge thing, but I am going to the paint dept. today to look at swatches of a pale robin's egg, greeny blue to paint the wall that the painting is on! It will pull out the colors of all the majolica, the painting, and the chintz curtains too!
I thought about wide stripes, either horizontal or vertical - what do you think everybody? Or just a solid color accent wall.
And who knows, maybe I'll like it so much that the entire kitchen will be de-mustarded ha ha!
xo xo

Alkemie said...


The chairs and sette look absolutely fantastic!! I love seeing before and after photos. Did you buy a roll on Ebay to get the $3/yard price? That's a killer deal!


Visual Vamp said...

Hi Karen,
I was lucky about the fabric!
The price was per yard, and you could buy as much as the seller had. At first I bought 12 yards for the couch (and had some left over), and then I bought another 8. I think I pretty much bought all that she had.
I looked in my eBay favorite sellers, and in my feedback, and I can't find this transaction. I'll search Paypal files later, and let you know the who the seller is.
I'm very lucky with eBay, because I just take a chance on things, and I don't get too neurotic about it if you know what I mean. In this case, it turned out to be a major score!
xo xo

Alkemie said...

Valorie, What a deal! I'm going to have to start combing Ebay more for fabric ;)


katiedid said...

One word: FABULOUS!!!!

Jennifer Ramos said...

WOW those chairs are great! I want to do something like that in my dining area..but with a more of a mixture of chairs.

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

Anonymous said...

I really love the chairs and sofa! The nail heads really add so much to them. Great, great, great post!!!

I'm still trying to think of quirky things, please excuse me for taking so long to do this!!!! :)