Tuesday, January 18, 2011

King Cake For The Troops

Red, white, and blue King Cake

A New Orleans non-profit is working to bring carnival season to our Armed Forces overseas. Operation We Care hopes to send a thousand king cakes to u-s troops. But it needs your help to do so.

They need $15,000. So far they have raised $3,000. They need to have the cakes baked, boxed and shipped by February 1 to get them to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I know how generous you all are, so maybe you can send a small donation, perhaps the price of a king cake you would buy for yourself to help out.

To read the whole story go HERE

But most important go HERE to donate!



Linda in AZ * said...

* WONDERFUL to see you & your community support this, Val!!!

* Also, please remind others of the WOUNDED WARIORS program!!!

We can ALL help... in SOME WAY!!!

Linda in AZ *

Linda in AZ * said...

(OOPS... 'scuse the spelling!` rushing oujt the door!)