Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sneak Peak: Planet Tango Dance Studio

Planet Tango dance studio
The home studio of Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart

Alberto is feeling really good these days, and we are officially giving tango classes again. To celebrate, I did a little refurb on our dance studio at home for him. A few little things can really add freshness and energy to a room.

I added lime green silk drapes to replace black and tan check curtains. The same lime green drapes are in the living room, which adjoins the dance room, so the continuity of this luscious color is great.

I painted all the mirrors white, and filled an entire wall with them floor to ceiling. We actually use the ones at mid level to check our steps and posture. I also grouped all the tango art on another wall, floor to ceiling. These are vintage sheet music covers of famous Argentine tangos.

Another burst of color is introduced with the orange chandelier. It was our old dining room chandelier that I spray painted this wonderful color.

A bench for changing shoes is at the upholsterer. It's being covered in white patent leather. You know I'll show it to you when it's done.

We are teaching our first tango workshop of the new year this weekend, and the first after the incident in Canada. Wish you could be here for it!

The view from the living into the Planet Tango dance room

Lime green and orange and white in the living room
These colors are repeated in the dance room

The colors are soooo 2009 ha ha - Will I repaint this year???!!!!

Planet Tango dance studio then...

Planet Tango dance studio now...

Another view from the living room into the dance room

A little vignette in the Visual Vamp living room
I spy an
Anne Harwell painting

Bryan Batt used lime green and an orange chandelier in is old house
He's moved onto the world of greige in a new home


Irene said...

Happy dancing Val. Love your room transformation.

Linda in AZ * said...

* It truly looks GR888, Val!!! LOVVVE the fun, orange chandy & the divine green silk drapes~~~ can't WAIT to see the patent leather bench... that will be too cool!!! (And Cholo is looking ADORABLE as always!!!

* Am sooooo happy that "It takes TWO to TANGO" is coming to FRUITION AGAIN!!! Congrats to Alberto & you!

* Warmest hugs... great talking with you on the phone.... what a pretty, happy voice you have!!!

Linda in AZ *

Sketch42 said...

It looks beautiful! Seriously- WOW!!!

Renae Moore said...

Oh I cannot wait to dance with the Tango man in your updated fab studio! It looks so great Valorie! I love the painted mirrors and your wall of album covers! Well done, but I really have never seen anything but, by you!

E. Lee said...

I love your orange chandelier! Glad Alberto is feeling better!

Cote de Texas said...

he's back dancing! wow!

love the changes. you change your house more than anyone i know, i think! and it always looks so great. love the new color combo.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Honestly Valorie your eye for gorgeous living and what you've accomplished with the dance studio is just another example. I love the mirrors, I love the framed Tango sheet music, & the spray painted chandelier...gorgeous color. You truly are & always will be the fabulous Visual Vamp.

I'm soooo happy to see you two dancing again.xo xo xo Deb

friendandfaux said...

Happy that you both are back doing what you love in that re"vamped" studio!

Debra Phillips said...

what a happy post valorie, am so glad dear alberto is back and in full form

LOVE this tango room, so hot and exciting and segues beautifully into your bedroom.

wouldn't it be a great setting for a blog gathering?
love to you both

jlonit said...

Glad to hear that Alberto is tango-ing again. Good news. You're the only couple I know of with a dance studio in their home.

concretenprimroses said...

How fabulous!

Dianne said...

The color is perfect...leave it alone! So, so happy that you both are dancing again. Wow and wonderful! I am a regular reader but don't comment. Alberto has been in my prayers. xoxo

halpern129 said...

Dancing is the way to start the new year! Happy dancing!

Janette - The2Seasons said...

I cannot visualize your house's floorplan. Could you give us a sketch on one of your blog entries? I really enjoy reading your blog, have it in my favorites, and check for a new entry every day. I would like to invite you to read the blog my daughter and I created: Keep dancing.

my favorite and my best said...

your house is fantastic. always. in fact i LOVE it when you change shit up. i hope you do.

Tammy@InStitches said...

So happy to hear that Alberto is dancing again ! The room looks hawt !

a Broad said...

Wonderful ! Beautiful !
I love the colors .. Happy Tango !
C ( from the Land of Tango)

Mona Thompson said...

Beautiful! I'm so happy you are both up to decorating and dancing!!!

Hello Lover... said...

Love the new look and i love hearing that he is back to dancing!

Anonymous said...

all things bright and wonderful! enjoy and be well. m

and aarrff to cholo amigo.