Monday, June 27, 2011

Two Houses Made Into One Fabulous Home

A few months ago I posted a reader's home (Kellie and Marc). It is a wonderfully designed space that we all enjoyed seeing. As I have gotten to know Kellie better, I have found out that she comes from a family of designing women.

The home of Kellie and Marc HERE

There are four daughters (Kellie, Maggie, Sara, Jenni), each one a decor maven with one house cuter than the other, and each one looks very different in decor personality. But all share put together looks that anyone of us would love.

Knowing that my own design awareness came from my mother, I asked Kellie about her mom. And sure enough the mother of this family of designing women is the inspiration for all of the daughters.

You know I had to see Mom's house. Her name is Jill, and she has made a career out of making the family home unique and beautiful. All the daughters are grown with homes of their own, so Jill has recently made an empty nest for her and hubby Peter that all the daughters and sons-in-law and the five grandchildren love to fill.

Two single shotgun houses made into one home

Jill's house is unique from the get-go. She took two old falling down single shotgun houses that were on lots so narrow that you could almost touch the house next door. I love the way she used color and repetitive elements to visually join two houses together as one.

The center "bridge" addition connecting the two old houses is genius. It is meant to be the front door, but the family secret is that they all use the door on the house on the left side.The brick courtyard was made from bricks that came from fireplaces that had to be knocked out. Jill is an amazing re-cycler, and up-cycler extraordinaire.

The "bridge" addition between the two houses

So let's go in! The first room you come into is in house #1, and it is a precious little sitting room. Jill combines vintage and antique pieces to great effect, a classic shabby chic cottage style that is familiar and beloved.

Pale wall colors and dark wood floors work beautifully, and for the most part Jill keeps the palette soft.

The sitting room

The sitting room segues shotgun house style into the master bedroom and bath. This creates a master suite effect in one whole house.

LOVE the deep ruffle linen bedspread in the master bedroom

A vintage dresser and mirror in the master bedroom - perfect!

Walking through a door from the sitting room, you enter the "bridge". This is where the living room and dining area are. It is an ingenious use of space. There are French doors at both ends of the "bridge" that let in plenty of light.

There is a collection of vintage mirrors hung over the couch, which adds a reflective element that makes the narrow space expand visually. Jill has many charming groupings of collections placed around the house.

The living room

A chest at the entrance and a collection of vintage clocks

A view to the back set of French doors

I love the chenille bedspread on the chaise with the jewel holding it in place

White chenille chaise

Walking across "the bridge" you enter house #2, which has two guest rooms and a bath, and the kitchen.

Each guest bedroom is furnished with sweet textiles and mementos. There is a framed shadow box with a purse in it! It belonged to Jill's mother, the girls' grandmother. They said grandmother carried that purse everyday of her life that they remember. The photo over the bed is of the grandmother.

The slip cover scallop shape headboard is so pretty

Grandmother's purse framed in a shadow box

Bookshelves artfully filled with good stuff

The second guest bedroom

Love the pink and green!

At the back end of the "bridge" there is an opening to the kitchen (house #2). Jill opted for a clean classic country look. White marble counter tops and painted white cabinets are a look we all love. Jill did this seven years ago. She painted one accent wall in blackboard paint so the grand kids can scribble.

Jill's classic country kitchen

White marble counter tops

The pink mixer has never been used, so it's home for a pretty plant!

A little black cupboard in the kitchen

Let's go out the back door to the garden! Here you can see alot of clever recycling.

Back of the two joined houses leading to the yard

Jill made the fountain out of odds and ends

The raised flower bed complete with headboard

The little yellow shed is a playhouse for the grand kids

LOVE the lady head planter...

...and the old working sink

So what do you think? Have you ever seen anything more clever or more cute? It's like two dollhouses to play in!

I have been promised a house tour of the three other daughters, and I can hardly wait. I can see why all the girls love decorating and are so good at it.

Growing up with Jill, who is the resourceful and artistic visionary of the family, has created a decorating dynasty! And Peter and Marc and all the other husbands love what their designing women come up with, and lend helping hands and willing hearts.


Karena said...

Valorie, no I have never seen a home so unique; and how darling inside!!

Now I am really excited to see the sisters homes and their decor.

Art by Karena

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Cote de Texas said...

wow! love this - what a great idea. fabulous. wish we could see the floor plan!!!

aBroad said...

I love it .. charming and adorable!
I used to have a lady head planter :( One of the many things that I gave away before leaving the country ...
I love that kitchen and the garden is delightful..

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Love it all!!! What a great idea to join the two houses. Can I just say that wall of mirrors in the living absolutely fabulous! Love it so much. But there are so many things I love here. Even the working sink in the backyard. Thanks for I have to go back and look again.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

FULL of character and soul! This should be fun to see the daughters homes!!

pve design said...

looks like siamese twins!
Such cute conjoined houses.

Anonymous said...

I have had the joy of knowing one sister "Maggie" over the years do to us moving to new locations thanks to the military. I have to say there is Nothing this Very Talented lady can't do.. I am always in awe when I see something she does not just for her great sence of style but she makes it look so easy.. This is Truly an Amazing Family. I always tell Maggie " can I just have alittle bit of you talent"
TC Dye

Debby said...

I think I love everything about these cute houses. Her style is simple but so wonderful. Indoors and outdoors. Can't wait to see the others. Thanks for sharing.

Boo Hazard said...

What a great idea! You would think you'd see more of these around New Orleans!? I love the little collections around the house! - Boo

Anonymous said...

What an awesome concept!! We adore the colors of these little houses. Also the decor is so charming and cozy!! Great post..

Jessica & Holly

Toyin O. said...

What a great looking home:)

Renae Moore said...

I do remember the post about the one daughter that you helped (right?) How fun for 'mom' to see her girls take after her in their own ways! Love it.
I adore the outdoor pedestal sink!

camdesign said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this post... amazing home, love everything about it, thank you for sharing it with all of us.
I'm with Joni I would love to see the floor plan also.

Margaret said...

Joy of life home, and refreshing to see it with non-traditional decor. Nola is the city of mystery and surprise, coupled with tradition, and they all co-exist here beautifully. Love her vintage statues, the outdoor sink and mirror. Thanks for posting this beauty, VV!

BluBabesCreate said...

This post is full of ideas.

Sabina said...

Loved this. FYI, there is a double house in my old neighborhood, on the corner of Louque and Vicksburg. It was built that way after WW2, the owner's parents lived on one side and she and her family lived on the other. Two complete houses connected by a corridor on a big lot, very cute and a good idea too. Check it out sometime. XO

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Erica said...

What a great idea to join the two houses. This post is full of ideas.

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jlonit said...

Kellie & Marc's house is my all time favourite post of yours and I go back to look at it from time to time.

I can't wait to see the homes of the rest of the family.

Lisa in AL said...

SO glad to that you shared this home! I've been a lucky guest, and LOVE being there! It really is amazing what they have done, and how gorgeous it is. I have been to 3 of the 4 sisters' homes, and they each got that great designer gene from Mom, no doubt about it. Can't wait to see more!