Friday, June 17, 2011

Visual Vamp Shops Copy Cats And More

We all know what Sunday is. If you live in New Orleans pick up this cute T-shirt for your daddy from Fleurty Girl on Magazine or Oak Street.

Or give him a card telling him you ordered one these great copy cat high end designer lamps from HERE

The gold gun lamp is a copy cat version of a gold plated one that sells for $1756. This one sells for $129. It's very gangsta chic, and even though I am not a gun lover, I love this lamp.

I have loved these black rabbit Mooi lamps ever since I saw them at Biba Italia in New York two years ago. They retail for around $500. You can get these cute copy cats for only $99. each!

Mooi copy cat black rabbit lamps

And who doesn't love the Bourgie lamp? Ranging in price from 300 something to 900 something each, this copy cat is only $129.!

Bourgie lamp copy cat

All of these darling copy cats come directly from China from a reliable source HERE.

Of course if you can afford the real thing, have it at!
And last but not least, I got this adorable pillow for my guest room HERE, because we are having company this summer. My sister is coming in July for my birthday, and my dear friend Michael Pelkey is coming in August!

"Do come back pillow" at casa Visual Vamp


Ann said...

Those are so fun ♥

Have a nice weekend ♥

Jan said...

I was slightly confused about Sunday for a mo VV.
Assumed FD would be on a different date your side of the pond.
Have a good weekend!

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Hi Valorie!!
Just wanted to say congratulations on your being included in the new book, Undecorate! I will have to look for it! Also I just read Ann's post at Hill Country House... You have come so far, and you seem happier and it is well deserved.... Our best to you and Alberto. Maryanne & Robes xo