Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Million Dollar Look

I can't believe it's the finale tonight of Million Dollar Decorators! It's been fun!

Go over to Houzz and see the collection of things I found to get the look of Mary McDonald's fab glam office HERE


Renae Moore said...

Yay Valorie,
You did good!

Carrie'sCreations said...

I have Loved Million Dollar Decorator's hope it makes it for a second season, such a great show!

Karena said...

Love it Valorie!! bravo!!

Do come and join my giveaway of a wonderful painting by Mary Maxam!


Art by Karena

classic • casual • home said...

Off I go....sounds fun!

littlebadwolf said...

fantastico! como usual.....

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Aly Wags said...

Amazing job Valorie! I love your choices. Everything you choose would recreate a room just as glamourous as Mary's. Yours would be done at about five percent of her budget, but still look glamorous and elegant.

You have a great talent for finding perfect pieces at better budget prices. Great article!