Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Visual Vamp Is Moving!

Ever since my blog was hijacked a few months ago, assigning me a sign in name not of my choosing, I have felt uneasy. So Alberto finally helped me move it. I haven't gone far. I am still with blogspot. I like the format and am very used to it after three years.

I could not use my original blog name because it's taken (by me!). So we just added one crucial word: THE.

So the new blog is: The Visual Vamp

I kept the Follower feature located in the right hand margin. But alas, I could not transfer my followers, so it's like starting all over again. So please follow me if you like.

We also transferred comments that had to become part of the text. If I missed someone, please leave a new comment at the new location. You can also leave it again on any post at the new location.

The new format is a little more colorful, but still very classic.

I will not be posting on this blog site, but it will remain up.

So please follow me to The Visual Vamp!

Thanks for three great years here and for reading nearly 5000 posts!!!


Irene said...

Welcome back.

Sabina said...

You will not be posting on this site? Did I read that right?

Sabina said...

5000 posts, you are AWESOME!