Wednesday, February 10, 2010

About Time!

Some of you wanted to know about this clock. It's antique and huge, 79" X 79". It's $6500. and you can get it from perch. in New Orleans 504 899 -2122.

perch. also has this black and white clock face, 49" X 49" also $6500.

And also this blue clock face without hands, 49" X 49" for $4400.

They are all painted metal, from Europe, once used on clock towers.

If you're talented and handy, you could paint one of these images on your wall!


Anna White said...

Oh Valorie...I absolutely love love love these...just so grand and nostalgic..great post!

Amy said...

At last with one of these, you wouldn't be squinting at a clock in the morning....

Jan said...

These are fab (pricey but fab).
I was thinking the same thing as Amy, definitely wouldn't need to locate the old reading glasses with one of these babys in the house !

Renae Moore said...

MIz V,
I LOVE these! unfortunately my checkbook isn't big enough.

Velvet and Linen said...

Oh Valerie. These are right up my alley!


Gwen Driscoll said...


Love these clocks! So beautiful. I can just see them at Perch. When am I coming back? I need to get a trip planned, just haven't done it yet. Hope you are well.

Linda in AZ * said...

* V~ Was just going to tell you Brooke has a faaaabulous one of these, but am sure everybody knows that... (In fact, I think it's TWO, if I'm not mistaken??!!)~

I certainly "fall" for one each time I see one of them. They're sooooo beautifully & serenly "artsy", & always take my heart to a peaceful place... another time (pardon the pun!)~~~!!!

I guess it often-times comes down to "preferences" by our sweeties (when it comes to the more high-end purchases, anyway. YOU know, the ones where it's a little more than we'd spend w/o CONSULTING them first, so we lovingly & sometimes laughinglyly say "Oh, now THAT would make a precious Valentine's Day gift~~~ (wink wink!) Uh, huh!!! Guess what "I" FOUND TODAY............!")~

Fun note: "Clocks" like these CAN be not only SOOOOO FAB just to LOOK at, but ALSO can ACTUALLY be READ/"USEFUL" (you mean, "something does DOES something?!?!?!) withOUT reading glases (hallelujah!)......OR, you can also sometimes find a less expensive, but still classic & timeless "ROLEX", which IS SMALLER (ha ha!) & DOES NOT require reading glsses for those of us with crappola eyes!

As my BFF in KS allllways says, "Which would Y*O*U rather........?"~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Today's a "goood day"~ STARTING to feel a litttttttle more like "normal" (oh, now THAT'S SCAREY!)... Physical Therapist says I'm, improving~ doing better! WHOOPEE!!!!!

Linda in AZ *

Anonymous said...

I've wanted a big old vintage clock face for ages, but no can do. Hmmm, your idea of creating my own is the way to go. Gorgeous pics, want those chairs.