Saturday, February 13, 2010

Patti Perrier

A tall striking woman came into the shop I work in today. I wan't even going to come in because the shop is officially closed for Mardi Gras. But I had some paper work to do, and I live within walking distance, so I opened the doors and got to meet the fabulous Patti Perrier a designer from Houston.
It's appears she's an avid blog reader and she loves Joni (but never has met her) from Cote de Texas, and Visual Vamp!
So I did a little research and found these images. She promises to send more photos of her work soon.

It's common: You find a house on the perfect street, and you fall in love with it--the street, not the house. Patti and Claude Perrier gave some TLC to a ranch-style house in their dream neighborhood--and now they have an incredibly stylish space. They prioritized what they could live with and what could be covered up with paint. They had an advantage though. Patti, a designer, knows tricks that don't require a total overhaul.

One great feature of this 1950s Houston home: The large rooms flow from one to another. However, the lack of architectural details is consistent from room to room too. Instead of adding such details, where they'd be a tad out of place, Patti removed dingy carpet and gave everything a coat of creamy white paint, a nice backdrop to her antiques collection. Existing hardwood floors add a rich feel.

from Southern Living


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Kizmit! I think you were meant to be there!

Happy V day dear VV!

cotedetexas said...

hehe. I think we have mutual friends. my sister in law's knows her sister in laws, I think?
cute house, loving it.

Anonymous said...

Timeless, gracious, and welcoming. I was so surprised to read it was a 50's ranch after looking at the photos. She did a beautiful job of working in the warmth and style.