Thursday, February 4, 2010

Readers Projects 4

Loving all the things you all are doing! Enjoy this sensational batch of Readers Projects!

This is the work of Lisa Pak.
She lives and works in New York City.
Lisa Pak wrote to me about a photo of a beautiful dining room I used in a post called Black And Gold Roundup: " It published in Home Magazine awhile back, in 2005". Check her out at Lisa Pak Design,

Serena sent me the before and after photos of her living room. She just started a new blog.

New blogger Serena from The Urban Farmhouse

Nicole from the blog sketch42 has a cool New York apartment that she shares with us.
Her credenza is giving me an idea for mine!

Linda from Lime In The Coconut is nearly done with the big butt chair!

Katie from katiedid got some gorgeous new stools from Wisteria

Broo0ke from Velvet and Linen has revamped her living room and dining room

Reader Kit Golson from Chic Provence did a wonderful post about the shop I write a blog for

That's the Readers Project Roundup for now. Please keep sending me your photos! It's great to see all the busy hands making such beautiful things!


KayEllen said...

Beautiful :)

Kay Ellen

mimi said...

Great reader rooms. Such talent out there.

And I love you as a hot blond. You rock!

katiedid said...

Thnaks so much for the mention Valerie! Wow! What a talented group! I will need to get over to some other blogs, it is clear. Love the mirrored reflection on the window treatment in Nicole's Dining Room. Love Brooke's transformation. And the Urban Farmhouse...gotta get to that blog! And glad to catch up with Linda's butt chair! It looks fab!
Great roundup! Thanks again!


GREAT POST promoting new bloggers! Fantastic spaces they've created!

Especially liked the first photo from Lisa Pack and the white faced credenza from Mrs. Limestone. I've been wanting to revamp our buffet with mirrors or a color... but that WHITE with black just might work best in our space (or on your credenza as well!)

:D Lynda

Living It At Home said...

I love seeing images of what people are doing. They are all so talented and their homes look great.


Renae Moore said...

I really enjoy seeing what other creatives are up to! You are so kind to do this Valorie.

I'm lovin' your blond locks!


Greet Lefèvre said...

I so love the beautiful stools of Katie!

The Design Coach said...

Just an FYI: your twitter link didn't work. Keep up the beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Valerie!! Keep in mind its always a work in progress and not even close to finished!

Julio Muao said...

I love love Katie's new pair of stools from Wisteria. You are so right VV, all of these projects are inspiring.

P.S. Thank you for encouraging me to consider a childrens book on the little guy's travel. I took your advice and have been researching the idea. I'll keep you posted.


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Hey Blondie! LOVE it on ya!

Thanks for the mention...Big Butt will be done this weekend. The chair that ate up three whole posts. Yeeesch!

Some great new places for me to peruse....Thanks (says my time manager)

Velvet and Linen said...

I'm thrilled to be included in your group of readers, Valorie. Wow, what talent! Love Katie's room. Linda from Lime and Coconut is creative and always puts a smile on my face.
Love your new photo. You sexy thing!


Serena at the urban farmhouse said...

Thank you Valerie for your post! So great to see all the talent out there! What did I do before design blogs???



Renée Finberg said...

i love linda and her big butt chair best!!!


Linda in AZ * said...

* VH, WHEN-OH-WHEN am I going to learn to JOG DOWN down lil' NOTES to mention "certain delights" when I comment? (I ALWAYS forget, then can't mention them by person or project & I feel badly~~~ Aaaackkkh! Age!)~~~

There's soooo much talent here it's really hard to fathom~~~ can't wait to look up all the new/newer blogs from the "old RMS" gang!!! I've been back-reading for at least 20 minutes, and having sooo much fun "remembering when"!!

I think you KNOW it goes w.o saying this is a FABULOUS BLOG, and girlfriend, I ADOOOOOOOORE you as a BLONDE!!! It's tooooooo cute!!!!!!!!

Hope to talk to you soon! (Hugs to the huz & lick to the Cho!!!)
Linda in AZ *

Linda in AZ * said...

*(P.S. This "Linda & her BIG BUTT CHAIR" had me going there for a few minutes, til I realized "I" wasn't THE" Linda y'all were talking about...(BTW it's WUNDERBAR!)... I want you to be prrud of me, tho, so I DID take it all in stride... I mean, "WE IS FRIENDS!

C.J. said...

Hi, thought since you are interested in readers revamps I would share with you my latest staging project, it is all here in this book.

I would love to have some exposure of my work, although I realize this is not your normal venue. I would also like to hear your comments of my work. Thanks, Carol

Debra said...

LOVE*LOVE*LOVE the new hair! You look fabulous! Such inspiration here-I'm off to move around some furniture and re'vamp' a room or two. Happy weekend!

Marija said...

I love these pics! It's awesome seeing what talented people out there do in their own homes. Katie's room makes me want to move somewhere warm and sunny. Or maybe just live in her living room! Adorable!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said... more WOW!

Tammy@InStitches said...

I missed this somehow ! Gorgeous homes, talented ladies, thanks for sharing. xo