Tuesday, August 18, 2009


What decorating regrets do you have? We all have made errors in judgments, or had a lapse of common sense. My friend Claire wrote a poem about it.

ode to The Brown Chairs

Brown chairs, brown chairs
where did you come from?
You mock me as I pass.

Brown chairs with the slick fabric,
Where are you going?
Do you need a sip of water?
You look parched.

Brown chairs where do you call home?
Crows fly above you
ants below.
You are the boulder in my soul.

Brown chairs of dirt,
the kidneys of the room,
keep searching for your
hellish domain.

----said (with bongos) by Claire

Bilhuber brown

Kenneth Brown

Oh my!

Oy vei!

Catalog brown

Country Living brown


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I regret flamestitch.
Years ago.
In my parents home.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh...I'm sorry...water is coming out of my nose, as I took a sip before I read this poem!

Regret...are you kidding? So many...I thought it was called learning...or evolving....or something of the sort.

Pale blue walls. Tried it for a week. No go. Not here. Not me.

Design Junkie said...

biggest regret---allowing, while I was in a weak moment, my partner to select...shudder... recliners as our "comfortable" chairs. Every time I see their bulk, I wonder what was I thinking....I think I need a drink

my favorite and my best said...

let's see....sherwin williams tatami tan walls- but the lay person would call it baby diarreah, periwinkle walls, the cabin look..to name but a few...

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Ten years ago purchasing an enormous cabinet for a TV. It is not coming on our next move. I have to laugh at these responses and the poem.

Carla Fox said...

Biggest mistake? Painting a whole new house interior white! Thought I'd try it just once in my life, and it didn't even last a year!!!

Petunia Face said...

I regret sponge painting my room pink to look like adobe. But I forgive myself because I was in high school.

What I don't forgive myself for is allowing my then boyfriend (now husband) to talk me into trashing my vintage turquoise metal patio set when we first moved in together. We took it to the dump and I still remember looking out the back window as we drove away and seeing a family run to it. Now I sometimes see the same patio set at antique stores for $500/table, $400 for each chair. *sigh*

Jan said...

I confess. I did once own a brown sofa. In fact I had a brown theme going on.
We live and learn.

Anonymous said...

My latest regret is allowing myself to be pushed into making a hasty storage choice for our big screen t.v. two years ago (Mo, this was after you left. . . if only you'd been here to help me stand up to the pressure). The t.v. and cabinet were a gift from my mom to my husband. I can't remember anymore what the big rush was on the cabinet, it's all hazy to me now. . . . . but I'm stuck with an enormous piece of espresso colored furniture that looks like a black-hole-corner in my living room. All would be well if I could just paint it, but the hubs has an "allergy" against painting wood furniture. If I'm to approach him about this one, I must prepare for battle. And I will, when the time is right.

Thank heaven for craigslist. It has proven to be a somewhat efficient way to eliminate regrets.

(I've decided not to regret any of my wall color mistakes. I'm a serial re-painter and paint is relatively easy and inexpensive to change. The wrong colors don't last long enough to regret)

Anonymous said...

p.s. Oh, Claire! Your poem is stunning! The drama of decorating regret is so real!

katiedid said...

Haha! There have been many. One of my first was buying a cheaply made sofa. It took a long time to replace it. Definitely not worth recovering.

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