Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In The City: Part 1

Things are hectic since we've been back from our trip to New York City. We've hosted Bed and Tango guests, and started teaching our regular tango classes. I'm back to work at perch.
Friends Caroline, Jack, and Andre hosted the last of many birthday parties. And Dwell Studio is doing a book, and they are including our home in it to represent New Orleans, and the photo shoot happens on Friday. Intensive fluffing has ensued in the early hours of the morning before I go to work. We are also getting ready to go to Buenos Aires to represent the USA to compete in the tango world championships in a couple of weeks.

The Vamp on the street in New York City!
With a bucket of flowers in my arms, just like I was working 15 years ago!

The first place we stayed in New York, was at the home of our friend Peg. She lives in the Village, and also has a pretty beach house HERE and HERE and HERE. Click on images for larger pictures.

The terrace of her loft overlooks a wonderful downtown view that is bittersweet. We once looked at the World Trade Center in the middle space between the buildings. Peg watched the towers fall on that hideous day.

Peg's place is in a loft style building, but it was designed in the manner of an old upper west side pre war apartment. It has a great entrance hall.

The renovation was done in the late 1980's and Peg got the place in the early 1990's. Some things have stood the test of time, while Peg has changed and updated others.

The apartment has four bedrooms, three baths, an eat-in kitchen, a laundry area, a study, an open concept living and dining area, and a terrace. Peg and her two daughters live here.

The decor is modern and comfortable. Recently Peg is exploring a new career as a home stager, and she is taking an accredited course of study with Haverhill. She has been staging her own homes as part of her course requirements.

The focal point of the living room are the large windows. There is a step up area with a super comfortable chaise lounge.

The floors are stained dark, a nice contrast with the light walls and furniture.

There's a built-in on one wall in the living room that houses the television, and offers a ton of storage. In fact the whole apartment has many built-in features that provide an unusual amount of storage for a city apartment.

The dining area off the living room is large enough for a huge round table. Peg recently added the credenza. The light fixture was the rage in the 1990's and still looks great.

This is one of Peg's daughter's rooms. She chose the stylish Suzani style bedspread from Urban Outfitters last year.

The inspiration board in the bedroom is so cute, and I was really amazed how many photos of Audrey Hepburn appear! A whole new generation loves Audrey! The two paintings on the ledge behind the bed appear to be of Audrey, and were done by the talented young lady who occupies this room.

The kitchen is a luxury in a New York City apartment, large and modern.

There's a study in the apartment, a moody interior space. Upper transom style window lights allow light from outer rooms to filter in.

The majestic armoire houses one computer station, and another is set up on the other end of the room in a little book nook.

There's a chic metal daybed. Peg has had the Lucite chairs forever. They're made by Heller. She also has had the zebra print rug for as long as I can remember.

The ceiling in this room is fabulous! Peg and the artist were inspired by the celestial ceiling in Grand Central Station.

Peg's ceiling has the astrological constellations of each of the family members: Cancer, Virgo, Libra, and Aquarius.

It is painted a deep midnight blue, with silver leaf, and has cove lighting to enhance the heavenly glow.

In the 1980's and 1990's we all loved the armoire, and Peg collected a few very beautiful ones. She spent alot of time in Europe, and her decorating style evolved from that experience. To her credit, she has kept many old things even as she grows as a decorator and updates the apartment.

Staying with Peg was a wonderful way to kick off our two week vacation in New York.
Stay tuned for more of the extraordinary hospitality extended to us by some of other friends in New York.


Amanda Stone Talley said...

Beautiful Apartment! Sounds like you have lots of exciting things going on! Good luck with the photo shoot-I'm sure it will look beautiful and Happy Belated Birthday!

Anonymous said...

So Chic! I'm luxuriating in the gorgeuos photos. The city life in high style!

Velvet and Linen said...

I feel like I have just read a wonderful article in Elle Decor. What a beautiful New York Chic apartment.
Thank you for bringing us with you.

Good luck with your photo shoot. I can't wait to see it in the book. Break a leg in Bueno Aires.


Carla Fox said...

I always dreamed of living in a chic New York apartment....but just couldn't imagine leaving the west coast! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

pve design said...

So sorry I missed you. Next trip, promise that you will come see me. Thanks for sharing the photos of your trip! Wishing you well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Peg for letting us all peek at her groovy apartment. I love being able to peek inside of a New Yorker's life (and to peek at all the goodies inside of anyone's home!).

How fun about the being in the book, Miz V. Photos tomorrow, so you'll probably be up all night. Happy fluffing!

Mrs. Limestone said...

WOW!! WOW!! That is some apartment. Absolutely lovely.

Tall Poppy Writing said...

Fabulous apartment. A harmonic convergance of different styles in a fabulous New York apartment space.

Anonymous said...

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