Saturday, August 15, 2009

Getting Ready

Getting ready to leave for Buenos Aires on Thursday night, arriving there Friday morning. We are going to compete in the 7th Tango Dance World Championships. We have had a fund raiser to get us there, and I cannot believe the generosity of our friends and students. Go HERE to read more.

It's winter in Buenos Aires so I am getting my winter clothes together.
Carey, a faithful reader sent me to a web site to look at cute shoes, but instead I found this cute pair of boots! Thanks Carey! And they were marked down from $398. to $59. on sale!

They are so hip looking, and they are very comfy. They will just be perfect for walking around in Buenos Airies! The boots are leather, and they came packed in an elegant box with a large protective shoe bag for storing the boots. Go HERE to Tracy Porter to see if they have any left in your size.

Carey also sent me a birthday present, a lovely piece of art from blog favorite Fifi Flowers HERE.
Fifi sent it along, wrapped in pretty paper Domino gave as a giveaway. This paper is very precious indeed! The fun eye lash ribbon was festooned with little charms to do with New York City. Both Fifi and Carey know I'm a New Yorker, and I was touched by the thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

So much to do this week, but stay tuned for a couple of pre departure posts that I think you will enjoy!


Visual Vamp said...

Carey wrote to me:

"Hi Val Gal!

Thank you for posting the art! I know Fifi was excited that I was giving it to you, and she will be SO delighted that you put it on your website!

I have to tell you that I had Fifi send the painting to me, then I wrapped it and mailed it to you all New-Yorked-Up:) I left Fifi's signature page with it because she has such a cute signature and I thought it should go with the painting instead of in the trash. But I can see how that was confusing and made you think Fifi had mailed it for me. But it was me who used the Domino paper, the eyelash yarn, and the NYC trinkets. After the kitschy white trash wrapping job I gave that first package, I didn't want you to think that's all I could do. Especially since I was born and bred in Bakersfield (not in a briar patch, but there was a canal and a potato field right behind my house). I don't care what anyone else knows, but It's important to me that YOU know the personal touches were from me to you:)

And oh, brother, I so shouldn't but am so tempted to purchase those same boots for myself. What an unbelievable deal!

Lots o Luv,

And Carey, it's important for me to let everyone know all the trouble you go to for this old gal!
Thank you so much my friend.
xo xo

Cote de Texas said...

Good luck! And have a wonderful time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fifi Flowers said...

WOW... that sounds like an AMAZING trip... ENJOY!
Ooooh how fun to know that you have a piece of my art work!!! Carey contacted moi about this piece for you... and wanted to make sure it was a painting of NYC... so I told her... it is from a movie with locations in NYC and New Orleans... how PERFECT is that for YOU!!!
ENJOY the art and your trip! I can't wait to hear all about your trip... GOOD LUCK!!!
BTW... Did you see I painted your friend's house...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Valorie, Girl, you’re no trouble at all
‘cause you’re what they call a Living Doll
You’re the center of the flower, the pick of the bunch
a well placed word, the spike in the punch
A glow in the window on a winter’s stroll
and the spark breaking free from a campfire’s coal
The tap of a toe and the salsa’s bite
the tinkle of ice on a holiday night
The foam on a Starbuck’s, the sass in a ‘frass
the glittering salt on the rim of a glass
Your ingredients consist of our favorite things
they feed our joys and give us wings
You’re the Go-To-Girl, the awaited call
And Valorie, Dear, you’re no trouble at all

-Carey 8/16/09

my favorite and my best said...

bon chance!!!!!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh Maaan! You are probably already gone! Break a leg girl!

Then...Tell me all about BA...we are heading out there next month. Where did you stay...find any great milongas? Spill Vamp, spill!

Jan said...

Good Luck !

Mary said...

Have a fabulous time and please please take photos so you can show and tell all when you return

Anonymous said...

Oh, and DO have a wonderful journey in every way. Can't wait to see & hear all you will show & tell upon your return.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the boots. GOT 'EM! What a steel. And snagged a pair of shoes. Thanks for the info!
thoroughly enjoy the blog... have fun.

Jack said...

Good to know about this..keep going...all the best.
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