Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hits And Misses

We all make mistakes. We see something we love and just have to have it, and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. I try to learn from my errors and move on to make better choices.

Serial decorating. Do you suffer from this obsession? Are you ever truly finished with a room?
I'm mostly done with our house. We moved in five years ago to a fixer-upper, and the decor choices came out of necessity. But as time goes on, sometimes I can upgrade an earlier choice.

Our kitchen still needs a major renovation, but we do not have the money. So cosmetic solutions are the best we can do. Lately we added these oversize lanterns, one over the island, and one over the dining table. These are definitely a hit, and I have no regrets for upgrading from the chandeliers we put in five years ago. Go HERE to find out more.

The chaise lounge was purchased for the living room, and by and large we love it. The fabric is holding up very well. The upgrade is the pillow, and both are another hit.

The vintage sofa was recovered in faux white leather in 2008, and it is still the greatest and wearing very well. The glass coffee table is gone. It was too scary with Cholo flying off the couch when we play. Also it was a bit too large for the room.
The black and white stripe rug has been moved to the guest room. While good looking, this rug is a miss. I would not purchase it again.

The sea grass rug in the master bedroom is a year old and still wearing very well. This is a hit and I would use sea grass again.

The black and white stripe rug was moved to the guest room, and works better because there is much less traffic in this room. The bedding is new this year, and I love it enough to recommend it as a hit.

The drapes in the guest room are new this year and a hit. I got them at Half Price Drapes HERE. This is an excellent company for a girl on a budget.

I just had to have a deep drop ruffle white bedspread! So chic! So glam!
But after having it for a few months, I must say that it is not all that I hoped for. Because the dog sleeps on the bed, it gets dirty fast. It is a royal pain to wash and dry and iron. I did it twice and now it's in the closet: Instead I'm using an old matelasse white coverlet. This was a pricey purchase, and I would not buy it again, so sadly this is a miss.

I got drapes for our bedroom too, the same size and color as the guest bedroom, so that if I ever want to move them to another room, I have two pairs to work with. A design choice to paint the nightstands turquoise and have a mirror top cut for each of them, is a hit.

I bought a pair of these mercury glass lamps by Nate Berkus at Home Shopping Club. They were a good price ($129. each including the shade), and I love them. Apparently alot of people loved them becasue they are sold out. This is a hit!
I also painted two bombe dressers white. This is a hit too!

the antique French settee in the same faux white leather is a hit. As are the four antique dining room chairs I also reupholstered this way. I got a huge bolt of this fabric at a great price (on eBay) and used it all.
I replaced the glass coffee table with a vintage Saarinen table, and it is perfect!

The cow hide rug is the biggest hit in my book. It is impervious to dirt, spills, and dog hair, and I still love the way it looks.
In fact I got a second all white hide for my office. The pair of lamps were a miss. Too expensive, and after living with them for a couple of weeks, I went back to a lamp I got three years ago. I save my misses in a a closet I call the magic closet, and often revive and rotate (or sell) things that get put away.

The Kartell Mademoiselle chair was a miss. I borrowed it for a photo shoot, and it looks great in the shot, but it was not practical at the price point for me. So sadly I must say it was a miss, and I returned it.

I have more decor plans for 2010: Some upgrades in my dressing room/closet.

And finishing the master bath, getting some sconces for the dance parlor to replace a pair of mismatched vintage wall lamps that have seen better days. The yard and driveway and patios really need attention, and I think this Spring will be the start of those projects.
I am also thinking about repainting the kitchen!!!
What about you guys? What serial decorating projects are you planning?


Ashley Pizarro said...

Are those pictures from your house?!? If so...umm can you please come and decorate my house?!?! You are too cute and have amazing taste!

La Petite Gallery said...

I had a bed in pink very close to that one for my Daughter Renee
when she was 10. Those chinese Hanging lamps are my cup of tea.
You certainly have the touch.
thanks for sharing.


Slumber Designs said...

The child's pink bedroom is definately a HIT!! I love it.



Sharon said...

Seeing as I am working on my latest and greatest remodel people often ask me if my house is "finished". I am always stumped as to how to answer that question seeing as I am never "finished", yet the people asking me that question would NEVER understand that. There is always going to me a new fabric I see I want to use somewhere or new accessories to buy ... something!

Cote de Texas said...

well - please explain why the black adn white rug is a miss - i love that - but the cow hide looks fabulous too.

and your bedspread - that is gorgeous! why not find a small white matelessae maybe a crib size, or a twin size - and layer it over the top. dogs love to sleep on that one extra bit of fabric you lay down for them. OR get a little throw for her - if its in white - you can just toss it in the wash and the spread will be protected from the cutie. I hate that you aren't using that! what was wrong with the lamps?

and I am NOT judging you !!!!! My garage is filled with my mistakes!!!!!!!!!

J. M. Hunter said...

My biggest project: BATHROOM!!! I would love to see what you've done with yours. Mine is the exact same as the day I purchased it from a little mauve-haired old lady a couple of years ago: Mauve walls, dark green high gloss trim, and brown, mauve, and dark green wallpaper with gold embossed roses on top of it. Mismatched cabinetry that looks like it came from the Home Depot discount bin. Faux stone laminate floor on top of 5 more layers of laminate floor (it's like a museum of bad laminate flooring through the decades). And a FABULOUS claw foot tub with original weathered brass fixtures, the room's one saving grace. I got lots of inspiration from some sample books from Quadrille. I'm thinking.... Aqua and orange? Sounds kind of gross, looks kind of fantastic!

La Dolfina said...

OMG, I've had so many hits and misses over the years I could not bear to recount them...but how else can one's style truly evolve? As a new follower I must tell you that I really enjoy your blog and look forward to many more entertaining posts to come
in the new year!

Karen said...

I am thinking that my attempts would topple the "miss" pile!
I am sure that Joni must love your lanterns - yes, a definite hit in anyone's book.
And you are a "hit" for all your spunky designs that you have the guts to actually put into the works. Too many of us just dream the dream but don't make the effort to make them come to reality. Thank you for the inspiration for 2010!

La Maison Fou said...

Love the home tour vamp, and the bedspread, I may need one myself.
I like the color and the lanterns, a sure hit!
I agree with Joni; I use a smaller quilted matlesse for Derby, when he dirty's it, it goes in the wash!

mimi said...

I have a whole storage room full of mistakes. But somehow, I hang on to them thinking I can use them somewhere, someday, yeah, right.

Can you tell me WHERE you purchased the fantastic cow hide rug? I have been looking for one like it for what seems forever.

Design Junkie said...

I'm glad you liked Half Price Drapes....I'm always so nervous when I recommend a source...I hate it when someone else has a different experience than the one I had

Karena said...

Paint in shades of gray, from Dove to Charcoal! More art of course, Upgrades in the kitchen soon!

Linda in AZ * said...

*VV, this was a TERRIFFIC read, and I ENJOYED all the pics so much!!!

So many well-taken points you made, but when I add it all up, your home has YOUR personality (& while I do not truly "know" him, ALberto's too... ANNND, I also "see" darling Cholo's influences "here n' there!")... It's definitely "you", Val~~~ fun n' funky n' feisty, ANNND, open to new things, thoughts n' ideas!

Not to be too "serious" here, but like my Jim always tells me, "Perfection is the enemy of good enough"~~~ (THIS from an Army Officer of 38 years?!?!?!)~~~~ ~~~~~I might not tell him I AGREE w/ the majority of that, but I actually DO!!! (And there's just no "spirit" in "SAFE", is there?!?!?!)...

Note: Been meaning to answer your E... sorry (!)... will try to do it tomorrow... (broken backs have a way a running one's life DESPITE what you, personally, WANT to do!!!).

SUPER-DUPER, UBER DELIGHTFUL & fabulously written blog here tonight!

Thanks, girlfriend!
Linda *

Visual Vamp said...

To answer a few questions:
The black and white rug attracts dog hair and dirt like a magnet, and is pilling a bit. And it has faded with just one cleaning. It takes way too much effort to keep it clean and good looking in a high traffic area.
The spread is also a beast to deal with because it has so much fabric. If we leave it on the bed folded at the end, or use it as a coverlet when we sleep, it gets very wrinkled and unkempt. To take it off the bed every night and toss it on a chair, and then remake the bed with it every morning is way too much work. I do have a throw for Cholo, but he still manages to to take over ha ha. I do love this spread, but it's just too heavy and has too much fabric to make daily bed making fast and easy and fresh looking.
I got both cowhides on eBay.
And Mitchell, thanks for Half Price connection!
xo xo

Jan said...

Slightly off topic but, I love that girl with the bikes' pink coat !

Greet said...

I think I am like you! Sometimes I so adore a piece of furniture or decoration that I just want to have it! And when I come home I realize that it does not suit in my home (in fact I knew it already in the store, but I could not resist!!!).
But as you say you can redecorate the same room over and over again!
And that is so funny and nice to do in life! If only we had no restrictions in budget.....!!!

Southern Aspirations said...

love this post and admittedly a bit refreshing to hear of others' misses. I adore your bedspread but chuckled at your comment describing the off-and-on-again nature. we have three dogs and I still haven't found a great way to protect our bed covering... but I'm still insisting it be white!

NYCLQ said...

I love this post!! I guess I too am a serial decorator... but in addition to a "magic closet" (place where I keep all the textiles: pillows, panels, & throws), I thankfully have a wall in the garage my DH refers to as "The Store"... lol

All the wooden and ceramic accessories retire out there when they need a break. There's also a few pieces STILL in boxes, b/c never got around to putting up or the 'mood' changed (but 2 good of a deal to pass on!!)

I love the chandeleirs in the kitchen, that B&W rug, and the great sofa u re-up'td. in white faux leather...

:D Lynda

Michele from Boston said...

Just love what you've done and seeing how the decor has evolved. I guess we're all alike in that way! With the recession I've tried to be more disciplined and if something doesn't work it is immediately returned. Once a tweaker, always a tweaker! I often wonder if I'll ever be truly satisfied, but I guess that's the way our minds work and there's just too much inspiration out there to ignore. This winter I'm trying to be good by rotating flowering plants to keep my interiors fresh.

Cholo said...

Hey Joni,

Cholo is a boy's name.
That's why my momy gave me that name, because I'm a boy!! A him,not a her...

Erika @ BluLabel Bungalow said...

I love the black and white rug in the guest room...and the drapes. I've bee eyeing half priced drapes, but on the fence about ordering. Now after seeing how great they look in you home, I may go for it. Great post!

Melissa said...

I LOVED the Kartell Mademoiselle chair! Material girls just posted a link last week to "O"... they have a great knockoff for a fraction of the price! Easy recovering project... http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Colorful-Fabric-Seat-Accent-Chair/4429637/product.html

I think next to the lanterns, my favorite hit is the Turquoise nightstands with Mirror tops... GORGEOUS!

Design Esquire said...

Your house is absolutely amazing. Thanks for the honesty in evaluating your purchases. It's very helpful to hear honest feedback about different items.

I also wanted to thank you for voting for my blog for the Homies (I just looked, I didn't realize my blog was even on there!). It looks like you voted for just about everyone, and I think that is a really nice and supportive gesture. Thanks for taking the time to support other blogs.

Renae said...


OMG, I have had my share of "misses"...such a drag. They certainly can be expensive.

I wondered when you got your 'big girl' bed spread if you were going to like it. When I first saw those in Horchow last year, the first thing I thought of were the things you said you had to deal with. Too much fabric, pain in the A... to iron and keep pretty. Sorry. :<(

Love the cow hide...I bought one for my DR and it was too big, didn't want chairs going back and forth on it, so back it went.

Great post friend!


Jessica Claire said...

you have a great eye! I have also recovered some vintage finds in a white vinyl and am pleased thus far with how they wear. From far away it looks like fabric, but it wears much better!