Monday, October 12, 2009

Do You Paint Your Furniture?

Painted furniture. Every interior designer, pro or am, uses it. Every do-yourself-er tries it.

It's a quick, inexpensive, and relatively easy decor change to paint furniture. Which one of us hasn't wielded a can of spray paint on some wicker?

Or if you remember Shabby Chic, how we slapped on white paint (and ruffles and slip covers) on anything that didn't run away from us.

Over painted furniture has been around for over 300 years.

With the Swedish (Gustavian) interior design craze, and the shabby French style having become mainstream, vendors are over painting everything in sight. Stores in the mall, and a dizzying myriad of catalogs feature hundreds of cookie cutter reproductions made in China.

Mid century modern style employs high gloss painted furniture.

And there are some pretty crazy contemporary interpretations too.

Folk art painted furniture from every country in the world has been around forever.

Most every man I know cringes when we girls paint over wood! Oh the horror of ruining good wood!

A little white washing goes a long way in the glam department.

Sometimes an unexpected color can revive a piece of furniture we've had forever.

And what about those scratched up Ghost chairs?

Ready to take those on with some paint?

Bless me Wood Loving Man, for I have sinned! I have painted my nightstands vintage aqua.

Vintage aqua nightstand I painted, and I also painted the lamp faux alabaster

And some bombe chests I bought in the 1980's, Swedish snow white.

I painted a pair of pine (with hand painted flowers on them) bombe chests

And I confess I painted a hideous French reproduction console table that was stained dark brown - it's been painted in china white.

Read how I painted this table HERE

I also painted a funky 1930's vanity shabby white.

Vintage vanity in my closet/dressing room painted shabby white

And the biggest sin of all ha ha, I painted a nine foot long vintage Baker credenza.

Section of the nine foot long vintage Baker credenza

What about you? Have you "ruined" any good wood lately?


Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

I've definitely ruined plenty of good wood! Has a bunch of DIY posts on them... Two credenza's, a dining room table and chairs, frames... The list is long :)

Love your projects, especially the nightstands and the console table!

dancing doc said...

ok, i am married to a wood worker/designer and we have our beefs about this very subject--your projects give me a huge desire to go for it again soon!!!
love the credenza !
have a super week
salut du midi

La Maison Fou said...

Everyday, so it is the job. To transform a piece with a little liquid magic, a good brush and a steady hand!
Brush on!! sister!

Susan said...

I have a huge itch to paint my 6 year old cherry kitchen cabinets white. I won't get away with it though!

What a fun closet you have!

LaurenFaythe said...

Wrote the comment with the wrong account above :)I also want to paint my ornate bed, huge built in bookcases, desk, kid's furniture,...

I love this blog, by the way!

Donna said...

Love painted instantly updates it...and I love china white!

Design Junkie said...

I do love painted furniture. My goal in life is to teach my male clients the difference between truly beautiful wood that should be left alone and paint-grade wood that trully needs a coat of paint.

my favorite and my best said...

i have a very old mission oak desk that i loathe (inherited) and there are days i want to paint it every color under the sun. and if i can't find someone to buy it from me i just might. mostly i say go for it. when you are on your death bed i am certain you will not be grateful you didn't paint a pretty piece of wood but rather wish you had painted it the color you wanted it to be.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Yes I love painted furniture and love to paint it myself. Easy way to update. Everything looks better with a little rouge and mascara anyway!

undomestic chica said...

I've been in a painting frenzy lately! I've done frames, mirrors, bookshelves, and, most recently, my cheap IKEA dresser that no longer looks cheap!

Ideezine said...

The sky is the limit and in this economy you Ladies are smart cookies! Reinvention is the discovery of tomorrow!


carla fox said...

I love, love, LOVE painted furniture! And I haven't met a piece of wood that I wouldn't take a brush to! But really, is Shabby Chic EVER going to die?

R said...

I paint everything. I rarely buy anything without visualizing it painted.
One of my dearest friends calls it a sickness!

Maria Killam said...

No but I need to! What a great post, I loved this, thanks!

Carol Ann said...

I must be married to one of the only men I know that thinks painting wood is the past he has asked me (in the middle of purchasing a piece of furniture) can we paint it black? Got to love him, he gets it, not everything has to be wood....
Next thing to be painted out black in our condo will be the kitchen cupboards, just as soon as I find someone to strip the mess the old owner did to them...bought the condo with the thought we can fix this, and then we ran out of time and the will to do it ourselves.... lol

Kwana said...

You know I don't paint enough and I should. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, I DO paint furniture; every time I step over the hubs' dead body.

Anonymous said...

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