Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Anthropologie In New Orleans

Anthropologie New Orleans
Handsome stacked stone facade

We finally have an Anthropologie in New Orleans. I don't think it's a huge deal, because we have such great boutique shopping on Magazine Street. But still it's nice to have another fancy big box store within the city limits.

Witty displays abound at Anthropologie

I was invited to the grand opening party, a hoopla that filled the 9,000 square foot store (on two floors), that previously housed another big box mega store: Pottery Barn.

Cute line up of table height stools

But I went back after the party on a quiet Monday morning to really see the store. It is a lovely space, something you would expect to see done by someone with deep pockets.

The only suspension staircase in North America!
That's what the shop girl said!
The cables remind me of The Brooklyn Bridge

Charming still life at Anthropologie

There are several clever display ideas that might be translated for home use. I was told by a shop girl that the display team designed things on the spot especially for the space, that they didn't have any preconceptions, though I find that hard to believe. Anthropologie is an identifiable brand, and each store anywhere looks like an Anthropologie.

Clever use of fabric pieces cover a settee

I loved many of the displays, finding them more interesting than the merchandise. This store feels light on home furnishings. I was hoping with this massive amount of space to see some of the larger goods we only see in the Anthro catalog.

The spoon and faux food make this bowl Pop Art
I tried to buy it as is, but they wouldn't sell the bowl with the display

Also love the witty table runner made out of restaurant guest checks
We can do this!

There are plenty of clothes and table top items, and other smalls displayed.

Table runner made from restaurant guest checks

I asked the shop girl if I could get her email and contact her later about some of the merchandise and displays, but she got very jumpy, saying that Anthropologie is super protective of what it does. She is very proud to be part of the team, and told me about the Bravo TV show (duh) as we walked to the dressing room area where the Magpie Chandelier is displayed.

Anthropologie Magpie Chandelier

She thought it was so clever how the owners pick up odds and ends "from all over the world" that magically get turned into a chandelier. I demurred that the idea of a magpie chandelier has been done by many artists, and sure this one is cute but (not magic)....

I'm a sucker for typography so I bought a metal letter
The lace on the letters is a bit twee

Still I bought a couple of things, though most things are just too expensive and not that unique anymore.

If money were no object, I would love the Union Jack ottoman

We are happy to have Anthropologie in New Orleans. It's a nice fit. They have employed some New Orleans artists HERE

Jack on the Union Jack
We work at perch. together

Maybe my years and years of experience are showing, and maybe because I work in the best home furnishings shop on Magazine Street, I just was not bowled over by the store. In fairness I wasn't bowled over in New York either.

I might impulse buy one of these metal hooks

It's the kind of place I'll stop in if I'm early for a movie date (the shop is in the Canal Place mall where there is a cinema).

Beguiling dog plate at Anthropologie

And I'm sure to pick up some little thing, beguiled by the displays.

If money were no object, I would buy the Union Jack ottoman, or any number of other pieces of furniture.

I would not buy this chair

What about you guys? Last year the blogs were all a-gush with posts about Anthropologie. This year, I don't see as many. Are you still in love with Anthro?

I might try to make this display chandelier
It's made from plastic lids from take-out coffee cups

Or is it just the lousy economy putting a damper on shopping posts in general?

I like the way the art piece becomes a 3-D extension of the wallpaper
This would work in home decor

And I really love the way the piece of art crawls onto the ceiling!

This store display is made from folded tin can tops!
It is an amazing work of art

Instant cereal or instant Pop Art?
A plastic spoon and a piece of fabric

A little wooden block underneath holds it up

Anthropologie has some great books
And the right one displayed becomes an art object

Cute cement pots only $8.

Table top merchandise
Rope chandelier has been done by some of you

Use canvas painters drop cloths in your home


pve design said...

I usually just permit myself to shop in the "sale" area and then do a tour and go to several local thrift shops and make it my own. There is not another store quite like it - and I do admire the creative displays.
I did find a wonderful white t- on sale with lots of rouching and love it.... and some yummy fragrance for $3.95.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy looking around, but usually only buy a thing or two, something small and on sale. I do like to use their kitchen textiles to turn into bags, and I've used their placemats & napkins for throw pillows.

Laura said...

My niece worked there for the last couple of years and I learned that the store displays are done store by store and not massed produced entirely... There were lots of items made by hand by her co-worker for display purposes - kinda frustrating because they won't sell 'em.

my favorite and my best said...

hahaaaa i almost bought that book the other day...the how to paint people one.
i always go to the sale tables and usually never buy anything full price there. the sales are too good.
glad you got one though...
the inside of the stores are so beautiful..

Jan said...

This looks quite different to the Regent Street store - same sort of feel to it though of course.
Trouble is, the more successful they became the - the more expensive.
Agreeing with you Valorie, that the displays are more interesting than the goods.
Wouldn't like to hear that would they? Or would they?

La Petite Gallery said...

I really didn't see a thing I would Buy..


Sabina said...

We all made the pilgrimage yesterday, two of the party had never been in one before. Lots of oohs and ahhs and everyone bought a little something. I'm with you, it needs more housewares and furniture, and a bigger sale section...

pretty pink tulips said...

That was a fun peek inside! We have one nearby, but I must confess, I never stop and go inside. This has peaked my interest!!
xo Elizabeth

helen tilston said...

I look around but find at the end of the day it is "a box store" with high price tags.

Helen Tilston

Renae said...

I always enjoy looking around Anthro....their displays are interesting. I have seen a goup of peeps sitting at a table making the decor for an upcoming change in display. Interesting. Their clothes are cute but $$$ IMO. I am not sure I have ever bought anything there.
Where did PB go? I knew right away it must have been CP!

24 Corners said...

I still use Anthro for a quick, inspirational pick me up, I still shop there, but I doesn't have the same charm it did in the old days when just the thought of going there gave me butterflies.

I think they're trying too hard now and have lost that quirky elegant Amelie-ish European flair. The clothes are getting back to that but the home goods are struggling a little...I keep hoping for the past thrills to re-emerge once again! xo J~

Christy said...

I purchased (and photographed!) those same letters. Too bad I missed you at the grand opening.

I'm pretty excited to have Anthro around since that means we'll be seeing that merchandise more at second hand shops.

I also like scoping out their sale section.

Ms. Smart said...

I have an Anthropology within walking distance. Love the smell, mood, stuff, clothes. Expensive. I make purchases now and then, mostly books, clothes on sale, and few trinkets... Sometimes I just walk through to see the display and stuff, drink in the mood, get inspired and go home.

Kwana said...

I was in the mall ans just there the other day while the hubby and son were at Apple. I did not buy anything because it is very expensive. I do only buy from the sale area. Like you I find the book very interesting. They are a fave of mine. But I still like them for inspiration and the displays.

Wow 2 floors. That is big!

Anonymous said...

I do love Anthropologie. Makes me happy to be in there! I usually stick to the sale area, but I love to walk around and soak it in.


mydesignchic said...

I do love ths displays in Anthropologie, but I usually leave empty handed. Thanks for the photos!

The Gimlet Eye said...

I am glad Nola has an Anthro within our city sort of continues to legitimize our downtown area as being a "big city" downtown. That being said, I completely agree. I hardly ever spend at Anthro b/c we are too too wonderfully spoiled by the ability to spend on Mag Street at the likes of Perch and Hazlenut!

Anonymous said...

I found the opening to be one of the nicest productions as of late. Don't recall seeing you there either. I find the prices to be within normal retail range, as apposed to allot of the triple and quad prices found around all of the Magazine Street shop's that acquire their inventory from the same old places. I think all of the Anthro stores have a unique look because each is so different. They also change their looks very often. Guess that's why the are a multinational corporation that make mega bank. They are obviously doing something right!

Renee Finberg said...

ooooh i wanna go too!


VictoriaArt said...

I love Anthropologie. They have imagination and even the run of the mill items look fun. True, they are pricier than let say Home goods(!), but so much more entertaining.
They put an effort into selling. I like that in a chain store. They have a certain style! I can't afford to shop in designer shops, and I agree, they are too expensive, but I still feel better than at the big box shops! I have a weak spot for this place!
Most of their furniture is not what I would buy but I have seen many things elsewhere even more expensive. It's a look book for me!
And here and there a dish towel or door knob comes home with me...or a book or coffee mugs or plates! Or gloves or some knick knack I think I can not be without!
And they carry Tocca's 'Cleopatra', which I love!
You get the picture.


pve design said...

yes, i love my napkins from there....
on sale and cotton, a pretty print.

Rebecca said...

I have a love-hate relationship with Anthro. One on hand, I think the displays are amazing. I worked around the corner from the one in KC and every window change was like Christmas.

But, there is something sort of "lite" about the whole Anthropologie experience. The deliberately mismatched items, the twee details, the way everything could be vintage but isn't--I guess it works for plenty of people but always feels a little fake to me.

(Don't get me wrong, though. If I pass an Anthropologie, I'll go in and caress things! Also, as I think someone noted above, their stores smell amazing!)