Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coming Back Stronger

Crazy day today in New Orleans. First game of the football season, with a return match between the Super Bowl Champions, The New Orleans Saints playing the team they beat, The Minnesota Vikings.

Blaine Kern, a major personality here in New Orleans (his company Mardi Gras World makes most of the floats that roll during Carnival season), has organized a huge Mardi Gras style parade starting in the French Quarter, and he has also erected a concert stage in Jackson Square where Taylor Swift and The Dave Matthews Band will perform.

And Matt Lauer and Al Roker are doing the Today Show from Jackson Square this morning.

Schools are closing early, and the tail-gaters are already parked, and cooking shrimp and grits for breakfast, and prepping for dinner tonight.

And then the game tonight at The Super Dome.

For me, it's another day at work, though I will be wearing black and gold, and of course watching the game tonight.

If you're feeling Saints fever, you can buy the Drew Brees book HERE from a local independent bookstore in New Orleans.


pve design said...

Wow, how great, I need to get this book for my family to read. Just finished my one hour work-out and am headed to the Cloisters...
Enjoy your day and show us your black and gold!

Stitchfork said...

Go Saints! But the black & gold fever here in this town is dedicated to the Steelers!

pretty pink tulips said...

Was just watching Al and Matt on the Today Show this morning. Loved the interview with Drew...aka Breezus!!!

Are you ready for some football?!!!!
xo Elizabeth

Visual Vamp said...

Yes Elizabeth, I am very ready for some football!
xo xo

Amy said...

WHO DAT!! Go Saints GO! Enjoy the game tonight, we'll be cheering here in VA! *Amy