Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Heart is a great resource. They have the most reasonably priced fabric, much of it on trend.
Even though I work at a wonderful home furnishing store with access to every designer fabric, I often cannot afford it even if I can get it at cost.
And sometimes I have a client who is on a very tight budget, and I need to find great looking designer fabric really really inexpensively. is my go-to source.
The customer service is great. There is free shipping if your order is $35. or more.
I have personally used their ivory burlap for drapes, their heavy white cotton for slipcovers, their solid color silk and linen for drapes, their lining and interlining.
When trends first break, prices are high, and it make take a year or two for them to trickle down to the mainstream. If you aren't stuck-up about a designer name, and you can use your creativity to get the gesture of what you see in a magazine, will be a wonderful resource for you.

Fabric trends

Here is a round up of some of my favorite fabrics at based on looks you all once drooled over. I for one, still appreciate them.

One hot fabric is the Lee Jofa Confetti Dot designed by Kelly Wearstler. Lots of you drooled over this, and I have used it for clients. But it hovers around $100. a yard or more.

Lee Jofa Confetti Dot has something in the same vein, and in many different color ways (gray, orange, black). Togo print HERE

The very talented Nicole Cohen from Sketch42 used the Lee Jofa fabric in her home.

She added the beautiful trim, no doubt from her family's fabulous store M & J Trimming in New York. I found some very cute zebra print ribbon at for only $1.24 a yard that would work just fine for a girl on a budget.

Zebra print ribbon from HERE

Skirted console by Nicole Cohen

Madeline Weinrib has some of the best Ikat fabrics, but they are very pricey. I wish I could afford them! has some prints that really have the feeling of some of the Weinrib dot Ikats.

This dot Ikat-like fabric comes in pink, orange, black, yellow HERE

Madeline Weinrib Ikat pillow around $400.

Of course has Suzani too. Again in many color ways HERE
This black and white one really looks like a Weinrib Suzani.

Black and white Suzani HERE $6.98 per yard!

Madeline Weinrib Suzani chair

There's been alot of flak about trellis like fabrics, but again I still think they are very cute.

Trellis print on Lucite stool

Trellis print from HERE
It comes in so many colors!

Another trellis style print HERE

Greek key style fabrics are fabulous. We all loved what Jonathan Adler did with them.

Jonathan Adler stool

Maybe you have a chair seat or a little stool that you can recover. has this Waverly Cross Section fabric in several colors HERE

For all you black and white lovers, there is a huge selection of black and white designer style fabrics available. And you have to remember that all these fabrics start at $6.98 a yard and go no higher than $12.- $15. per yard!

Trellis style print drapes

I just ordered a yard of this black and white fabric to cover a couple of Saarinen stools.

Get this fabric HERE - $10.98 a yard!
It reminds me of Windsor Smith

The chevron pattern is great, and beloved by many of us.

Chevron print drapes

Chevron fabric HERE
Again it comes in many color ways

And if you want the carpet to match the drapes ha ha, get over to La Dolce Vita to see these very affordable Flor carpet tiles(!!!!), and enter a giveaway to win a rug! HERE

And some more Ikat - I think this one is as beautiful as any Weinrib fabric. I love the painterly quality of it.

Blue Ikat from HERE

Blue Ikat furniture is so pretty

Have you ever used laminated fabric? It was a big thing to cover dining room chairs in laminated chintz in the 1980's. has quite a few good looking laminated fabrics that would be wonderful for chairs.

Laminated fabric HERE
It reminds me of Trina Turk

Trina Turk fabric on a chair from perch.

I also love a link pattern.

Links from $12.98 per yard HERE

Windsor Smith links print fabric from Kravet about $150. per yard
See a great DIY project from Nest Egg HERE

Here are just a few images to remind you of how great print fabrics and wallpaper are.

And the use of color is pretty great too.

This images are of the Redbury Hotel.

Hope you can use for a source to get great inexpensive designer style fabrics!


Candi said...

Thank you so much for posting! I want chevron print curtains, and now I know it's possible!

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE this post... j'adore fabric... two photos are perfect for paintings by moi aussi!!!

Laura said...

Amazing post! Thanks for all the great, inspiring photos. I can't wait to dig through the website. You've made it so much easier!

bricarwaller said...

Thanks for the tip on Gorgeous fabrics and the after pics were terrific. Can't wait to check out their site:)

Anonymous said...

Great post! is a great resource. Sometimes it is hard to swallow the price of the high designer fabrics. Even if it is in your budget.

pve design said...

drool worthy. I love that.
A little fabric can always add such life to a room!

Kelly@ColorSizzle said...

Great post! I love, too and have used them for many projects. I'm currently on the hunt for fabric to re-cover my dining room chairs, but I don't want to go too trendy. However, I love the trellis and fretwork patterns. Too trendy? Not sure yet. Thanks for sharing such wonderful examples.

Bri @Meyouandawienerdog said...

That's the only fabric store I order from they send you coupons every time you place an order as well.

Sketch42 said...

Ohhh! Thanks for the shout out! I love that fabric, and this is a great post.

Wish you were here for this meet up!

Renee@Modus Operandi Designs said...

Little tip for your readers and you:
If you shop through Ebates, they'll reimburse you 4% of your purchase price. It adds up!

qerat said...

What a great post.
Lovely fabrics and images to illustrate.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh! thanks you for reminding me of that resource, bless you!

my favorite and my best said...

ikat forfuckingeverrrrr! lee jofa still makes my heart race (and i have great big pillows on my sofa, thanks to you.
that windsor smith chain stuff is pretty cool.

let's just hope we don't see it everywhere ;)
what's up valorie, why aren't you at nate day?

Visual Vamp said...

Jenny are you in New York at Nate Day??!! Give him a kiss from me. No tongues.
xo xo
PS Send me a pic of your pillows!!!!

Maria Killam said...

What an awesome post and an education on everything current in fabrics right now!

The Gimlet Eye said...

Great post. I love and use it a TON for my home projects!

My Notting Hill said...

I so needed this post as I'm in search of 12 yards of fabric for a couch I'm having reupholstered. Loving the Waverly Cross Block. Thanks!! Michele

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I have used them too for the very reason you stated. But, I loved all the comparison's you provided!

Marnie said...

wow - great source - just loaded up my cart

modern jane said...

awesome post! I love I have been loading up my cart with samples.. just can't commit until I see it first!

chair up said...

I made my very first order from last week and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. I have to be patient as it takes a bit longer to get down-under to Oz.

Anonymous said...

And sometimes I have a client who is on a very tight budget, and I need to find great looking designer fabric really really inexpensively

Designers buy fabric wholesale, not from a retailer.

Anonymous said...

hi, valorie,

this post is brilliantly conceived and marvelously illustrated. i loved every column inch of it! mazel tov.

woof to cholo, and thanks for a great post. m


Anonymous said...

Great resource!!

La Petite Gallery said...

Darling Lady, I love that you did this post. I am going there to see what I cdn get for drape fabric..
Sending a 5 star medal..


Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

love this post and love

French said...

Ooooh great resource, thank you; love seeing the fabrics on the finished pieces....huge Itak fan here.

pretty pink tulips said...

Great tip! I'm loving trellis and chevron at the moment!
xo Elizabeth

Elise Lowerison said...

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Mélanie A. said...

I love your post, it is vey inspiring.Fabric .com is fantastic

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Love all these fun prints!! Thanks for posting a great range.

NYCLQ said...

FANTASTIC fabric patterns! I especially LOVE the graphic print of the LINKS!

:d Lynda