Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Part 2 - A New Orleans Traditional Home Is Updated

This week I am sharing another room in the New Orleans home I have been working on HERE

It is the room adjacent to the living room, a second parlor. Even in a grand townhouse such as this one, the shotgun floor plan is in evidence, that is one room flowing into another. The two living rooms are used for entertaining.

Before - This is the room as I found it on the first day I looked at the house
You can see a glimpse of the chandelier we moved to the living room

The client said she wanted to get rid of her "old" furniture, but I felt she had some lovely pieces that just needed updating. For this middle room, we did not purchase any new furniture, but rather reupholstered existing pieces.

I loved the rug when I saw it, and again it was a pivotal piece in choosing colors.

This is the room as it is today
You can clearly see the relationship of the two living rooms

The daybed before it was reupholstered
Too many frou frou pillows, and the art work needed to go elsewhere

I loved these pale blue leather chairs
The client wanted to get new ones because the cat has left her mark
But I convinced her to keep them,
and to consider the very minor marks as patina

We removed the antique table and replaced it with a zig zag glass table

The room with the daybed gone to the upholsterer
The pair of club chairs is waiting for the fabric we ordered to come in
Various paintings were tried in this spot
The client was attached to to the lovely French mirrors and sconces
So it was decided to would work with them
We also kept the antique side tables and glass lamps

A painting by Louis St. Lewis was a consideration

Ultimately this Ed Smith painting won out
The antique mirrors are back under the sconces
The daybed is back with the new fabric, a Fabricut velvet

Ed Smith painting

The two club chairs were covered in an embroidered linen

Closeup view of one of the club chairs

This is the drapery before - cream color linen with balloon shades

This is the new drapery after
I continued with the same apricot silk that was used in the living room
No more balloon shades!

Apricot silk drapes made by perch.
All fabrics were ordered through perch.
All upholstery by Leonels

Here's the room again as it is today. It's fresh, filled with beautiful color and using all the pretty things the lady of the house had lovingly collected over the last ten years. As I said no new furniture was purchased for this room. Editing and updating were all that were needed.

Updated and refreshed double parlors in New Orleans

Repeated elements such as the apricot silk drapery, and the colors in the rug unify the these two rooms.

There is a third connecting room, the dining room that I will show you soon. The Mouille chandelier we ordered is taking forever to come, but I think I'll show you the dining room without it, and then show the room again when it comes in.

Thanks again for your interest in my projects. I love sharing what I love to do with you!


Lindsey said...

Beautiful transformation!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the apricot paired with the blue! I did a post on those colors not long ago, fabulous choice!! Thanks for sharing!!

Laura said...

What a beautiful job you are doing! I love all your comments to guide us through the tour, too.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Awesome! I love that you used her existing furniture and turned it into such a beautiful space. laurie

Sharon Brown said...

Beautiful! I love the color combination and those lovely drapes.

tenia said...

Valorie it is amazingly beautiful! Thank you for sharing the process with us.

cotedetexas said...

beautamous. i love how the oushak has the apricot in it - makes sense with the curtains. just beautiful. that chandelier is so gorgeous and can't wait for the dining room. you should be veddy proud!

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Ditto Valorie and I love the apricot draperies now the rooms have flow, That chair fabric is pretty too.........Very nice job.Maryanne xo

pve design said...

you are a whiz....what, do you just snap your fingers....you make it all look so easy and fun.
that painting, those drapes and the color....hmm.~

A Perfect Gray said...

stunning choice of wall color and drape color - the combination makes the room. I see the mouldings are painted the same color as the wall - I don't think it would look nearly as sophisticated any other way. I'd be curious to know the norm in N.O.....is it trim painted the same color as the walls or trim painted white?

I'm in a (fairly) traditional southern home and am dying to repaint my trim the same color as my walls...

great job.


Bonnie said...

Love the drapery, beautiful combination of apricot/blue. The rooms tie together beautifully.

Annie Mason said...

Breathtaking! I love the new decor. You did an amazing job with all of it. ...diane

Dianne said...

Bravo! You have done an amazing job. I am realy enjoying your descriptions too.

Anonymous said...

hi, valorie,

just got a look at the 'middle room' of that house you are working on, and it is lovely. i'm so glad you saved the leather chairs. you do great stuff, lady!

one of nicole's lucite and stone boxes--tiger eye or lapis or jasper--would look great on the coffee table or on the mantel.

how are alberto and you and cholo? weather ok over there?

saw a post from jonathan adler with custom rugs and throws, so if you want another union jack something for your house, it is there. did you happen to look at the houndstooth page (64) in the new elle decor? i am a bit amused with that armoire covered in the black and white fabric. what do you think? would creme and grey be more interesting? a console table?

custom laminations in miami can kiss-bond tricot to any skirt or even shirt weight fabric so it could be used for upholstery or on a case. opens up a bunch of possibilities, but c.l.'s minimum is fairly high these days, even if their prices are good. ever worked with them? really nice people.

quiet and rainy here, with temp changes-stuff we sometimes get in november. m


Anonymous said...

Stunning transformation, Valorie! You have done an amazing job- I LOVE the color and fabric choices. You make me want to tear everything out and start over again. (In a good way)!

Visual Vamp said...

Good Morning Everyone!
Glad you are enjoying this room. And I love how you all see every little thing!

Joni - I die for the Oushak!!!
And yes it inspired the whole idea!

Donna, I have been painting the woodwork, walls, and ceiling all the same color for a few years now. It does add a certain clean modernity to old houses, and more and more people are doing it in NOLA. Sometimes the ceiling gets a slight percentage lighter.

Michael, thanks for all the tips! as ever you are a treasure trove of information.

Have a great day...
xo xo

Gerry said...

Beautiful rooms. I can't wait to see the dining room. You've done a fabulous job. So nice to know that you didn't get rid of everything, just used the wonderful things the owner already had and made them look even better. They are so lucky to have used you as their designer!

Renae Moore said...

This is outstanding....the colours you have chosen are so beautiful. I love the millwork in this home, the flow is great. Those silk drapes....WOWSERS! Love all!

diana said...

Valerie.... I too love that you used what she had... and especially the paradigm shift about the cat marks/patina. Bravo... a stylish sophisticated, but lived in and loved look!

Anonymous said...

Valerie what a fabulous job and with such great vision. So many designers want to throw out your furniture rather than skillfully reposition it or recover it. Good for you that you were able to convince your client to make the better choice. Great, great job!

Unknown said...

Val, this is simply beautiful! You did such a lovely job with the room. It is truly stunning. I'd love to see the rest of the home.

nanne said...

the transformation is incredible and even more so that you used so much of the existing materials.

i love, love that you talked the client into using what she had and taught her the value and potential classicism of good pieces.

i WANT some apricot colored drapes!! where can i find some?

you're great!!

nanne in indiana by way of alabama

Anonymous said...

Valerie, sorry for the double post, but it's good to see you back in the swing of design and blogging. It's been a difficult fall season for you, but I gather from the current updates to your site, that you are finding the time now to enjoy your work again. I am so happy for you.

Unknown said...

Wow! That is absolutely stunning! You have vision!! wow wow wow.

Nita Stacy said...

I love how these two rooms echo each other and yet and different. The rooms were pretty when you started but the changes you made have made them exciting - modern and yet traditional. Love your used of color. Yes, that rug was a fantastic starting point. Can't wait to see more of this home. You are soooo talented....

Velvet and Linen said...

Beautiful! You are such an amazing artist Valorie!
You pulled it all together. Bravo!


Anonymous said...

I am loving that rug! The best starting point to jump off and the use of the apricot drapes makes sense. The fullness of the drapes is nice too as it adds more dimension to the room and I like your choice of header on them as well. I get so tired of seeing French pleats, we need to mix it up now and then.
Tammi xo

Katie Rob said...

This is truly fantastic - it looks like a totally different room. I can't believe what a difference those apricot drapes made - can you send me some, please? :)

luvthemaggie said...

So luv how you style a room! You have quite the eye...and thank you for posting perch or I never would have known about that blog or have won awesome chair!!!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Valorie you have really worked your magic; a gorgeous home. I love the unexpected art. Not the typical choice but yet adds that punch and surprise to the room. Punch is your trademark!

Magnificent job as always my dearest xo

Unknown said...

Stunning dear Valorie!!!! The color combination is utmost delicious! Love all you did!

These houses are simply to die for. The windows, the double door! OHHH!


Vickie H. said...

More love and wonderment! I am adoring every single inch of this home and your magic touch therein!
That embroidered linen fabric used for the chairs has me swooning!!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Absolutely stunning! The rug really shines now and the silk curtains brought the whole room to life!!!


Tease...I'm drooling over this home..Great Transformation.Everything Looks so regal.Great Blog.

tangogirl said...

It's the green painting that makes the room for me...surprising but perfect!!

All The Trappings said...

Truly beautiful. LOVE the apricot drapes against the pale grey/blue walls. The update is tasteful and zippy while maintaining the home's gorgeous classicism. Job well done, VV!


Sketch42 said...

Val- You are truly awesome. When I first saw that second LR I thought- it looks pretty good, doesnt really need much work. AND THEN YOU MADE IT SO MUCH BETTER!

So beautiful, modern and traditional and very glam. Congrats babe! You did an amazing job. Im sure your client is thrilled!