Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Warm and Cozy With Brown Velvet

This is the front door to our house
The Union Jack armoire is our coat closet
This room is our dance studio

I had another old ratty vintage chair reupholstered. I bought it for $20. eleven years ago, and it was in such good shape, it stayed the way I found it, gold velvet with brown wood arms and legs.
The chair has good classic lines, so I decided I would re-up it.

Leonels has done all the upholstery in our home, and we use them at perch. the high end home furnishings shop I work in. They are simply the best for workmanship, and they are fair with pricing.

Leonels is the upholsterer to Visual Vamp
View from the living room into the dance studio

I meant the chair for the dance studio, placed by a window, a nice spot to just sit and gaze, or an handy place to change into dance shoes, or sit and teach from the chair ha ha.

Uh, no. Too "Mr. and Mrs."
So I broke up the romance, & moved Mrs. Brown Velvet Chair

But I got seduced by the "newness" and moved the chair into the living room. It didn't quite fit, and paired with the lime green wing chair, it looked a little too much like "Mr. and Mrs. Chair", too granny even for this granny.

Mrs. Brown Velvet does a tango in the dance studio

So Back to the dance studio it went.

I painted the arms and legs of the chair white, and distressed the paint a bit. The new fabric is brown velvet, purchased from The old chair had nail heads, but for the new version I chose self-piping. I have nail heads on the couch and French settee, and my breakfast room chairs, and just thought, "enough with the nail heads already."

A place to gaze or change into dance shoes

Then I moved it back to the living room, and moved it this way and that way. Fuss and fidget, fuss and fidget. Oh the silly restless illness of a decor addict. Don't judge/laugh. I know you do the same thing.

I moved the chair this way...

Then I moved the chair that way...

And then I finally moved it back to the studio where I wanted it to be in the first damn place! So now the chairs are all at rest for the moment, cozy on this winter day.

Striped doors in the dance studio adjoin the living room

Visual Vamp living room February 2011
- Do you see Cholo?

I have some exciting news. The Preservation Resource Center invited Alberto and I to be on the first Shotgun House Tour since Hurricane Katrina. We are so honored and excited. It's Saturday April 2 in case you are in New Orleans.

I needed to snap some photos, and I got a new camera from Alberto for Christmas, so I am experimenting with settings and exposures. I always shoot with natural light which is tricky, since even though our house doesn't feel gloomy, it's not exactly flooded with light.

So these photos are part of the learning curve, and since I had them I thought I'd share them, in hopes to give you something to look at during the MONSTER STORM OF THE CENTURY!

Visual Vamp living room looking into the dance studio - 2011

PS Thank you all for the great response to my project with the apricot silk drapes. Next week I will show you another room....


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Hi Valorie - I hope it bears repeating but I adore your home. It speaks your personality; it says I'm fun loving, I'm passionate about my friends, and my family and let's dance. My family use to say I should put wheels on my furniture. I'd paint over a room 3 or 4 times just until I'd get it right, in my head any way. Congrat's on being part of the home tour. Rightly so and if I could come I'd be there in a flash. Hugs to you and thanks again for sharing your spunk with us.

Rashon Carraway said...

Velvet is such a warm and luxurious fabric. I try to wear it as often as I can. Thanks so much for sharing.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Lana said...

You always astound me! Your eclectic aesthetic is SO TITILLATING! The brown velvet chair can fit in any context as you've shown and I SO WANT the UJ armoire! I loved living in England! Your style is always so very European to me!

courteneykay said...

I am still drooling over the green drapes! Green is my FAVORITE color and I have green silk drapes in my dining room. You really know how to bring life to a room with color!

Anonymous said...

Ack!! Valorie!! Congrats on the tour! I'm marking my calendar to attend. I can't wait to see your place in person!

Renée Finberg said...

this space looks like you.
it is great.

xx renée

cotedetexas said...

one day i want you to post every single picture of the living room you've taken - all the different chairs and positions, etc. that would be so funny! you changed that room more than anyone i know- even more than sally wheat changed hers. love the new chair, btw. looks good in both rooms! hehe

Vickie said...

HAHA, I do the same! Love it!

What a rock'n place!

Ann said...

Love your place...
So lovin' the browns and greens...
There's such an energetic vibe in those rooms. Oh your red chandy looks gorgeous too:)

Ann said...

Oh I'm sorry, the chandelier is not red after all, whatever color it is I find it gorgeous.

I've decided to follow your blog...I know, why only now? My bad:)

Anonymous said...

toreadors waltz, and supposedly elephants, so why not the furniture? especially in la casa de tango! m


Renae Moore said...

Oh YAY Valorie!
I love what you have done and what an honor for you! You are going to be 'wanted' by so many. Your personality shines through and your love of and implementing design! Oh how I wish I could be in NOLA....that's still a bit off, who knows?

Visual Vamp said...

Dear Anon Feb. 4 - 8:39 PM,
Before I delete your comment, I reply here since you hide and lurk.
I've said it before: If anyone has a bone to pick with me, email me privately and we can talk about it.
In regards to your off topic and mean comment, do I owe you money?
xo xo