Thursday, February 3, 2011

Your Thoughts Please - Naming Names

Room #1

Naming paint colors and decor styles seems to be a full time job for somebody. So many of us are comfortable when we can put a name or a label on our decorating style. Why? Does it validate what we do? Help us make choices? Offer a shorthand for others to understand?

Room #2

Earthy Modern; Industrial Countryside Chic; French Gothic Arboretum; Rustic Zen Ranch; Boutique Hotel Traditional; Glam Vintage Chic Office.

This are the labels Hi Fashion Home has put on their room displays. Really.

Room #3

Can you match the name with the number of the room?

Room #4

Personally I chafe under any kind of label. What about you?

Room #5

I squirm when people ask me to define my style, because my style is organic and always evolving. I don't like to be put in a box, or painted into a corner. Certain touchstones are always there. I want a room to have style and verve; to be pretty; to be comfortable; to be interesting; to be hospitable; to have a certain quality. I guess that conveniently describes my fashion sense, and my life philosophy too.

Room #6

Of course definitions are needed to identify furnishings: French, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Asian, African, Moroccan, antique, vintage, modern, retro, Mid-century modern, etc., etc. And we define patterns: Geometric, floral, solids, textured, etc.

Room #7

The answers:

  • Room 1 - Rustic Zen Ranch
  • Room 2 - French Gothic Arboretum
  • Room 3 - Vintage Chic Office
  • Room 4 - Earthy Modern
  • Room 5 - Industrial Countryside Chic
  • Room 6 -Boutique Hotel
  • Room 7 - Traditional Glam

Are you smiling? Smirking? Laughing?

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Blondie said...

Wow I am in love with that 7th room...traditional glam huh? That's me all the way. Kori xoxo

Denise said...

While I understand that giving a name to a style offers a shorthand for others to understand a style, it only works if we all have the same definitions of various terms. For example, what's "glam" or "chic" to me might not be "glam" or "chic" to someone else. My style is (I hope) constantly evolving and any attempt to pin it down is doomed to fail. If I had to put a name to it, right now I'd say my style was "Louis XVI's Beach House". But my neighbours would call it "French Country Surf and Turf"!

Sabina said...

I call mine "piss elegant palm springs" in other words, thrift store mid century modern with glam aspirations.

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

What's funny to me is that I love all of those rooms...different as they are, and they have in common to me is personality and interest. There is something unique in each room that draws me in. That's the real measure of a style....Do you love it? If so, it doesn't matter what you call it. Great post!

Musings said...

I love all of the rooms (mostly,) what does that make me? Don't tell me - I'm not a fan of labels either :)

I sure do wish I could get to Perch, that chair is FAB!!


I'm in the mood for fall!!! Gosh, the 6th and 7th room are Stunning! Magnificent made bed!So regal and very elegant looks...Bedrooms are totally obsession Worthy!Outstanding Images too.

my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

give it in the name of all that is fair and holy.
i just had to put my at to sleep. that's gotta count for something good coming my way, right?

nanne said...

while i love having (the few left to us) shelter mags that feature the hottest trends & give names to them, i would hate to be pigeon holed into one certain look...

if i had to "name" my style, i guess it would be southern eclectic...meaning i have a bunch of family heirlooms (junk!!) that have been passed down to me and have a lot of meaning, mixed with things that i have picked up through the years...

i would never go out and "decorate" my home in one fell swoop--i would get bored with it in a minute....i have enjoyed letting my home & my style evolve..

nanne in indiana by way of alabama

Renae Moore said...

I don't want a label either, it stifle's one's creativity. I like many different styles and think it appropriate to work with what a client's likes and infuse with other styles they might not have considered but like it when it's put together!