Monday, March 21, 2011


"Primavera" by Louis St. Lewis

The wonderful little painting in the vignette above on my entry table at the front door is entitled "Primavera", and was done by the artist Louis St. Lewis. It is a combination of oil on canvas and collage.

It is for sale by me at a very modest price. Please email me if you would like it.

It's been Spring for a good long six weeks here in New Orleans, and with luck, the fine weather will hold until the last week in April when it suddenly becomes Summer until November.

Been enjoying the huge gorgeous moon the last two nights, as I am sure you have been in your part of the world.

So happy first day of Spring!


Kwana said...

Happy 1st day of Spring. What a beautiful painting.

vignette design said...

Happy Spring to you!

Reyna said...

That is honestly a wonderful painting. But why are you parting with it?


VictoriaArt said...

Lovely Primavera!
PS: I could not open the link to the painter!
Don't you want to keep her?

xoxo Victoria

24 Corners said...

She's just spring personified isn't she?! Love her!!

btw - I JUST now saw your post about your newest addition to the family, I have no idea how I missed that one, and I wanted to offer my congratulations, she's adorable and I'm so happy for you all.

Happy spring to you, Alberto and Cholo & of course...Miss. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang!
xo J~

Lila said...

That's a beautiful painting. I really wish it would be spring here! Every time it gets warm, it snows the next day! Enjoy your weather!
Lila Ferraro

*Chic Provence* said...

She's tres belle!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I want to wear a crown of flowers just like that one!!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Happy spring! And the moon was exquisite
Always love to read your posts!The painting is lovely and I wouldn't part with her!
A new baby! Congrats!!
All my best!
Jamie Herzlinger

Anonymous said...

Hi Valorie…

I can’t get Miss. Primavera out of my mind and was wondering, just out of curiosity of course, if she’s still available and if so how much she is…just have to ask!

Hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend…

xo Jessica

aka – 24 Corners