Friday, April 15, 2011

Copy Cat Dining Tables

The X base dining table via Cote de Texas

Joni from Cote de Texas said that the X base wood dining room table is one that young people want today. However the four figure price tag is daunting when you are starting out. The X base table looks great in so many decor schemes whether antique influenced as in Belgian or French or Swedish style, or mixing the Trad/Rad style together (modern, traditional, vintage, antique).

Ta da! My favorite knock-off artists of decor trends, or should I say interpreters of our favorite expensive looks, Home Decorators, has some new tables that I think you will love.

The copy cat from Home Decorators

First is the X base table HERE

It's very good looking and the price makes it possible to have it now. Granted it is not as grand as the expensive ones. It is solid oak, and styled up right, it could be very good looking.

X Base dining table from Home Decorators

X Base dining table in Elle Decor

I love zinc top tables. And the ones I love are again in the four figures. Ouch!

Zinc top table from Mecoxx Gardens - 4 figs 4 sure

Home decorators has one HERE for 399.!

It does need to get beat up to give it some zinc-y goodness and patina, but again, what a great place holder that would last you for a few years until you are able to upgrade.

Any of these tables could "grow" with you, versatile enough to be used as accent tables, or desks, when they have served their purpose as dining tables, when you are able make the bigger purchase.

Zinc top table from Home Decorators

And last but not least is this little French beauty, Louis style and distressed.
Again a big look for three figures instead of four from Home Decorators HERE

French style dining table from Home Decorators

I love getting the Home Decorator catalog. They always surprise me with something new, and I also love their power-to-the-people prices!

French Louis style dining table from Home Decorators


Bill said...

Hi Valorie,

You're doing your readers a great service by sharing these same-hot-look-for-FAR-less options! Your discriminating eye and smashing sense of style shine through in everything you do!


Cote de Texas said...

thanks for quoting me as if i were someone. hehe.

i love those table. i hadn't seen that french one, whoa. that is good looking. unreal. that catalogue has really changed over the years. i remember it from ages ago. it just gets better and better.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

thanks for the heads up! love those tables. hope you are doing well. xo

Lila said...

They are lovely tables. I could be happy with either style. I love x base table from Home Decorators!
Lila Ferraro

Karena said...

Valorie great examples. You really don't have to pay crazy prices for everything that is "the latest"

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Art by Karena

Riviera Brides said...

Gorgeous tables I love them. And I love your blog. New follower here, hope you're gonna follow back

Gal Meets Glam said...

so beautiful, love your ideas.

Renae Moore said...

Love these Valorie! I am going to consider these in my new designs project...Joni is right, I usually don't consider Home Decorator's but they really have stepped up!

wowaccountsforsale said...

Now thats detail waiting to be discovered. I'm loving what I am seeing right now, such an eye candy for a interior enthusiast. A simple table matched with right sophistication for chairs and center pieces equals beauty perfection.