Saturday, April 9, 2011

Enquiring Minds Want To Know

It's so quiet after all the fuss last week. The paparazzi have stopped camping outside our driveway gates, and the house feels so empty. Some of you have asked how it all went, if we are resting, and would we do it again.

Happy Visual Vamp on the PRC 2011 Shotgun House Tour

It really was the best time. Everyone said they liked our house the best, but of course they had to say that since they also said we were the only owners who stayed to talk to them. We are tired, and no rest yet with many other projects in the works. And yes we would do it again! We really want people to move into the old houses in New Orleans, to fix them up, and enjoy the fabulous city lifestyle.

PRC 2011 Shotgun House Tour - The patio at 808 Washington Avenue

Alberto and I thank everyone who came to see our little piece of swamp, and we thank the Preservation Resource Center for hosting this fabulous event, and for their continuing efforts to rebuild New Orleans using the grand old existing housing stock that is uniquely New Orleans.

Hundreds of people walked through our shotgun house

Here's what they came to see last week at Chez Vamp captured on video by the one and only Alberto!!!!
Get some popcorn and go HERE

PRC 2011 Shotgun House Tour - Home of Valorie Hart & Alberto Paz
Master Bedroom


Renae Moore said...

You and Alberto are stars!
Marie sent me the article in the local paper and asked if this was THE Valorie!

24 Corners said...

You and Alberto must have spent half the time mopping people up off the floor after they fainted from all the gloriousness...I'm sure most had never experienced such uniqueness in style before. They probably felt as if they'd stepped into a magazine...and most likely had that stunned look on their faces the whole time like I do when allowed access into an amazing home.

Wish I could have happy all the work was worth it!
xo J~

Anonymous said...

First of all, congratulations on a wonderful tour week-end. Valerie, you are so lucky to have a husband who loves and supports you so much. Now, may I borrow him to video my home and the fabulous music I must have on a CD. I love the video. Seriously, please share the music. It was so romantic and defining of your life and style.

Margaret said...

Such a window to the past, present and future of Nola; preservation, savvy decor and hope that more homes will be graced so beautifully as yours. Thanks for sharing! XO

Sabina said...

Of course your house was the best and not just because you were present for the tour. No one else has your ideas and solutions to the problems inherent in a shotgun floor plan. I've taken those tours before, and I've never seen anything to compare to what you've done. Congratulations on all your hard work. XO

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Stunning and full of SUCH great energy. I love your little shtgun swamp......and you!

24 Corners said...

Now I'm scraping myself up off the floor! Just watched the whole video...was only able to take a peak earlier...your home is truly stunning, really lovely. Loved the French feel, especially in the kitchen...not foofy French either, but real French. And Alberto was so adorable in the "toilete"...he did a great job.

Loved the Lucy theme at the end too!
xo J~

Anonymous said...

House proud and rightfully so; absolutely glam!

Alexandra (via Facebook)