Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The French Woman's Bedroom In New Orleans

Flowers and photo by Valorie Hart

For many many years I have loved a book called "The French Woman's Bedroom" HERE

The moment I saw the guest room in the home I have been working on HERE, my thought bubble was "The French Woman's Bedroom". As with the other rooms in the house, I wanted to use what the owner had, and freshen it up with a few changes.

The guest room I call The French Woman's Bedroom
This is the reveal of the finished room, the "after"

The room already had some lovely French pieces, but like the rest of the rooms I updated, it was a little lackluster. I managed to bring in quite a few of the antiques that were in the living room, saving them from storage or auction.

The "before" of the living room -
I used quite a few things from here
for the bedroom

The room once had a four poster bed, and the client did not want to revisit that piece of furniture. Here was a chance to modernize a bit with a headboard.

This is an interim photo - art work and lamps re-purposed
No headboard or new bedding yet

I also brought the drapes from the living room to guest room, but had them updated by removing the elaborate brush fringe, and repairing the sun damage on the edges. The drapes that hung in the guest room were off the rack, and a faux silk polyester, and just a little too gold fo the room.

The new headboard arrives from Urban Outfitters!
The old drapes are down and on the bed

The living room drapes were remodeled for this room
The table and lamp were also in the living room
The embroidered silk botanicals were in storage

A small farm table that the client already had was brought in and used as a vanity, and a lovely arm chair covered in a fabulous discontinued Bergamo silk cut velvet damask became the vanity chair.

A farm table and a chair from the living room
I replaced a huge gold mirror with the pretty framed prints

There were two pairs of carved wood antique candlestick lamps that were wobbly, so I had them repaired, and purchased some fresh new modern shades for them. One pair ended on the vanity table, and the other pair became nightstand lamps.

A Venetian dressing table mirror
Antique gilt candlestick lamps got new modern shades

I also moved art work around and added a Venetian dressing table mirror. I brought the collection of early 19th century landscape paintings that hung in the living room, into the French Woman's Bedroom, because like all woman, she loves to be surrounded by art and flowers.

Flowers on the vanity table

Along with the arrangement of paintings over the bed, I added a sunburst mirror. I had ordered a collection of mirrors, but when I found out they were back ordered for months, I cancelled the order. The client and I were just about to sit down at the computer and look for a replacement when she remembered that she had a modern sunburst mirror that she had taken down in another room, and it was being "stored" under the bed in the guest room! She thought she had given it away, and I was so happy that she had not! It was perfect!

Landscape paintings and sunburst mirror arranged around headboard
Les Indiennes bedding

I had many choices for new bedding, and all the hotel style stuff, and monogram linens, and Horchow style bedding was just not thrilling us. And overly modern textiles would not work. And the client does not like quilted textiles. And a Suzani wasn't it either. I suggested simple French style bedding, and suggested Les Indiennes.

Antique candlestick lamp with new modern shade

This bedroom is one of three I have revamped, and it is the most different. Because it is a stand alone room in the floor plan of the house, it is not jarring. Everyone loves to stay in this room. It feels so luxe and romantic.

All photos by Valorie Hart
The photographer on the shoot loved my snap shots!
It's my styling habit since the days of Polaroids!

The photos I took are my snap shots from a recent photo shoot. I styled this room (and many others) and did the flowers for the shoot. It is such a pleasure to go back to floral design now and then. The bouquets in this room are pretty little gems.

Flowers in a petite Majolica pitcher

Flowers on the nightstand

This project is ongoing. I just finished the little boy's bedroom, as well as the college age son's bedroom. This Summer I hope to work on the kitchen and the master bedroom. The family should be good for another ten years in this house, and God willing when they need another revamp I will still be working!

Another time I will show you the kids' rooms...

The French Woman's Bedroom is ready for guests!
Interior decoration by Valorie Hart


Ann said...

Looks so lovely now...

I also love sunburst mirrors,
and even sunburst clocks ♥

Kathryn said...

you have created a welcoming space i think anyone would want to stay in...a nd the flowers are stunning!


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful update. I love the dressing table mirror. Do you have a source for it? Your client is lucky to have such a talented designer who is willing to reuse fabrics and furnishings the owner already has. Great job.

NancyDaQ said...


I'm quite taken with the orange and fuchsia bouquet. It's a nice pop of color against the more calm, almost all neutral shades of the room.

Visual Vamp said...

The Venetian mirror came from rosenberry.com
xo xo

Gerry said...

Another beautiful room in this great home! You've done a really lovely job for this family. You've balanced antique, traditional and modern so well. It just works! I can't wait to see what you do to the kitchen.

Boo Hazard said...

I love the way you arranged the artwork. And that vanity mirror is GREAT!!

Carollynn @ designGumbo said...

I swear, if I ever move to NOLA, you gotta help me with my house. This bedroom is fabulous!

my name is emilie. said...

Wow. AMAZING Interior decorating. Love it. So romantic feeling and happy.

Renae Moore said...

Of course I love it Valorie! I particularly am enamored with the frames and the way you hung them!

Vickie H. said...

So wonderfully calming and serene!
So many special touches that take this bedroom over the moon! I love your work Valorie...it always feels fresh and ALIVE!!!

Velvet and Linen said...

Beautiful Valorie!


anita said...

So pretty!!
I love Les Indiennes bedding.

French Curiosités said...

Beautiful spaces and a relaxing retreat.

under spanish moss said...

Just love what you did with this space. Adore the way you arranged the art on either side of the bed.

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

You're truly amazing. These images are just beautiful and your work fab. I've been such a bad blog friend, so out of touch. I just been damn busy to be honest. I'm back though and loving it. Hope you have a great summer.

Maria Killam said...

Love, Love, Love the arrangement above the bed! Beautiful job Valorie!

Southern Chateau said...

Love it, Valorie! So French and classic.

pretty pink tulips said...

Love how you grouped the paintings around the headboard. Also love those little butterfly prints and those tall, tall windows. Goregous curtains!!!

xo Elizabeth

annechovie said...

What wonders you work, Valorie! Love your touch. Have a great weekend! xo

Anonymous said...

Visual re-Vamp. Love it.