Friday, May 13, 2011

Effortless Style

See what I do all day at Effortless Style HERE

Something is still messed up with my blog. I don't know what's going on. Yesterday's post just disappeared. I am still not convinced this is just Google's doing, and I suspect someone is messing with me and doing some damage. I can hardly wait to move my blog from this location.

Please stay with me! I will not let this ruin all that we have gone through together, and destroy the friendships and loyalty you have all bestowed on this old vamp...

Happy Weekend!


Renae Moore said...

Never Girlfriend! We're in all this together.
Eat bon bons? I WISH!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want a weekend doing NOTHING but looking at my FAB shoes up in the air!!!
Fifi Flowers via FB

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,

it looks like blogger is going out of control, since two days ago I have problems leaving comments, now it looks like the service has been interrupted completely. Do you experience the same difficulties?
My post from yesterday has been removed (apparently not just mine but everybody's....)
I can't do anything now. I can't access any other blogs either.
It's frustrating, because there is no real interaction with the help department.
Wish I could at least leave a message somewhere!
Letting you know, just in case.

Hope all is well otherwise!
Victoria (via email)

Unknown said...

Valorie, Thank you so much! We will stick together, right?
I am back, but as in your case no post from yesterday appeared again! Oh, well!
Let's count our blessings! Friendship still the greatest gift! Blogger can't mess with that!
Happy weekend!

jlonit said...

I'm not going anywhere.

I have noticed problems leaving comments on a variety of blogs over the past month.

Unknown said...

Hello Valorie
The interview was wonderful -- see my comment.
It seems Friday the 13th had it's way with Blogger.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Frustrating this blogger stuff!! Really pays to have your own site (not that it couldn't happen there either)


Fay said...

this is how i spend sunday afternoon !!
been locked ou of my blog for a week by google too
hope your week is fun too fay

Anonymous said...

Please don't fret; Blogger had had some *major* issues lately; there are quite a few blogs that I try to catch up w/ on weekends and *ALL* of the blogger hosts have said that there was a problem and they've lost a day (or several), due to software issues.

And, to echo the others, you ROCK! So your readers will be with you always and forever, as long as you blog. :- )

Charlotte Beecham said...

I love your blog and this outfit choice. Great style, vibe, pictures.
Please check mine out and if you like it follow me back!