Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I've Got Your Number!

Enamel house numbers in the flea market in Buenos Aires

In my travels to Spain, France, England, Italy, Holland, Portugal, and Argentina, there is a humble object that I love. It is the enamel house number.

The enamel house number on a door in Buenos Aires

On my first trip there in 1997 with Alberto, I combed the flea markets and junk shops trying to find one with our house number on it. I couldn't find one.

Picture this "I Love Lucy" scenario: One night Alberto and I are walking home after a dancing tango, and I see a house with our house number on it! It's hanging by one screw! I ask Alberto to give me a boost so I can see if it will wiggle off. Of course the number is way too high, and Alberto is far more sensible. So I schemed in a very Lucy to Ricky way how we could come back with a ladder and a screwdriver. Picture Lucy and Ethel getting their souvenir block of cement from in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater when they were in Hollywood...It made perfect sense to me! Needless to say I did not get the enamel house number.

On subsequent trips to Buenos Aires, I always looked for our house number and never found it.
But now I can just buy one from Ramsign.

Ramsign might be known to many of you bloggers, because several of you have done a giveaway sponsored by them. Tezz, from Ramsign recently sent me an email and offered a giveaway for the readers of Visual Vamp.

Enamel house number on a door in Europe

Enamel house number in France

Tezz writes: "We usually let the winner choose one of our house number signs (not name signs or address plaques) to make the award as personal as possible. There are signs available from 1 digit and up to 5 digits and with five different styles. That means you can choose a winner and then send the name and email address to me and I'll get in touch with him or her to find out what sign he or she wants. We'll then make sure that it gets manufactured and delivered to the winner. Regarding the shipping: we do ship worldwide so everyone can participate in the contest."

Martha Stewart inspired by enamel house numbers

So let's make this simple! You can go to Ramsign to see what they have (and they have alot!).
To win one of these wonderful enamel house number signs, just leave me a comment, and one will be chosen at random.

This is a great giveaway - the signs retail from $49. up top $249.

So leave as many comments as you like to enter often!


Tracy said...

Too cute! Would love one for my home.

Lori said...

Would love to have on my house since it is also my work and clients are always stopping by.

pve design said...

I would love a black and white no.15
or a pve.

Janette@The2Seasons said...

I always look for my number when we are in Europe. Why don't we Americans get on this? Those metal house number have always been the best. Ironically, my neighbor's last name is Pederson, and that is one in one of the website's photos.

causer659 said...

I, too, love these enamel signs. Thank you for reminding me and the chance to win one!

Karena said...

I adore these signs just like you Valorie they are just a bit of European Class!

Love the metropolitan Style.

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

Via Facebook:

"Me me me! Love these!"


pavlova said...

oh, would love a 53 ......and I love the story of you trying to "acquire" one....definitely shades of Lucy!!!!

Irene said...

I love these numbers, I'd love to win. Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway.

Sarah Greenman said...

How awesome! I would love to win! I love the highlander and the Englehardt styles best.

lamaisonboheme at gmail dot com


Sabina said...

Ooh, ooh! I want a #2

Ms. Smart said...

fun numbers. interesting small thing that increases the style count. No. # number 1,2,3,4,5

tinlizzie said...

1704 I love these so much!


Unknown said...

Love them! I was just looking at this site last week!

Nita Stacy said...

I'd love to win this. I've given one away but I don't have one myself. I'd love one. I'd get the year my house was built on it...I think.

Anonymous said...

I don't care how you try to sell it, the "I Love Lucy Way" is THE ONLY WAY!! I can so see you trying to get the , oh so loose number!
So fun! These numbers are awesome! I'd love one!
Sent from my iPad

ChPete said...

I think Ramsigns Arrowhead porcelain enamel signs are perfect. 24512 Thanks.

christina said...

I have always loved these signs. What a fab giveaway! Ramsigns and Visual Vamp are great!

waftbyCarol said...

These are wonderful !
I would love a new house number on my doorstep !
Thanks for the draw !

Lila said...

I just ordered one from Ramsign! I can't wait!
Lila Ferraro

Robin McCallister said...

Ooo... I love the Englehardt!

Lindsey said...

I just bought a house, therefore, I should win.

Ha, I love these as well. What a great give away!

Hello Lover... said...

Love these!