Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fill Them Up

Day six of my full time job. So far so good. House guests still here, so we've been going out every night, or teaching our regular tango classes. Surprisingly I haven't hit the wall yet ha ha.
Today is perfect day to clean up the yard, but it will have to wait.

Even Mrs. O is in the gardening mode as shown in my morning paper.

I promise more substantial posts this coming week.
Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

One picture of iron urns against a rock wall goes a long way:) Take care and take a rest. You know, the daybed mentality.

katiedid said...

Is that your yard?!?!? Fabulous!!!!!!!

Karen said...

I, too, was in the garden this week. However, I don't have a White House staff of gardeners to make mine shine - only Dr. Deeds!!
You are working too hard Valorie - but when you are doing what you love, it is just plain fun!!
Can't wait till next week-end...

Colour Me Happy said...

I just love boxwood. And it look beautiful in the garden all year round.

Karen said...

I love your parterres -- what are you going to plant?

Visual Vamp said...

You guys crack me up thinking this is my yard ha ha!
My "garden' is ghetto fabulous.
These images are from my bloated clipping file.
Thanks for reading and commenting.
As soon as I get a handle on working full time again, I promise to comment on your blogs. I do look in for a daily glance, really!
xo xo

Helen said...

WOW! I have spent quite a few minutes playing catch up with your blog this morning .... from the bedroom photos on March 12 to saving something precious to all of the beautifully positioned plates to the French stone cottage to Preston Bailey (ummmm) to cleaning up the garden ~ pure entertainment! Enjoy your week.

Two Tall Girls said...

Oh, I love the boxwood yard with all of those pots. Imagine all that they could be filled with!

Renee Finberg said...

why do i love this so ?

maybe it is the excitement of the 'illing of the urns.
and all the new baby plants & flowers.