Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Patricia Burke

I found Patricia Burke, a photographer working in New Jersey, and I really like her portfolio, and thought I'd share some images with you.

I know there's a bit of cold spell in the northeast, so maybe these pretty garden photos will warm you up and lift your spirits.

Eddie Ross (and Jaithan) arrived in New Orleans yesterday, and we'll meet at Perch today. There's quite a buzz here about him being at the Home and Garden Show.

He has a huge task ahead of him, running around town with a truck, picking up furniture and accessories for the rooms he's putting together. The show opens tomorrow, so I reckon he'll be working all night.

I'm pulling together the cocktail party for Eddie on Saturday night, and getting lots of help which is much appreciated.

A storm is blowing in tonight, and I hope it's gone by Saturday, so we can overflow outside on the porch and patio for the party. My yard guy's phone is disconnected, so the yard will have to be ghetto fabulous.

I went to Lowes tonight after work, and saw a cute gazebo with even cuter outdoor furniture nestled underneath. Even with spending shelved for now, I still don't think it's for me. The wind gusts outside in the plant section tonight were whipping my dress up, and I think the gazebo would be sent the way of Dorothy's flying house here in hurricane alley.

The year has gone so fast. Hurricane season is just weeks away. It seems we never catch up getting all the previous years (2005 - 2008) damage completely squared away.

But right now New Orleans looks her loveliest. The stately live oaks are chockful of spring green leaves. Flowers bloom everywhere. The humidity is low, and the temperature is perfect. This is the short window of fairy tale weather that we appreciate so much.

Ah, here's the end of the lovely work of Patricia Burke. Take a look at her site for many more terrific photographs.


vicki archer said...

Gorgeous gardens - a delight to wake up to Miz V. Happy partying in that fabulous New Orleans, xv

Visual Vamp said...

Hey Vicki,
I'm still up and just thought I'd say good morning to you.
Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.
xo xo

Willow Decor: said...

Hi- Great pictures! Just spoke to Julie Neill and realized you were also there - Hope we can all get to meet!

Carla said...

HI Valorie, gorgeous pics, the gate is gorgeous. Lovely inspiration. Carla

Kwana said...

These are beautiful images. Have a great party.

Linda Merrill said...

V*V - love how you mix the images with your "doings". Looking forward to hearing all about your cocktail party with Eddie - fun!

pve design said...

Oh you will be having a swell time, I can tell.

Robyn said...

can't wait to hear how the cocktail party goes! Tell Eddie and Jaithan hello and tell them to come to Alabama!

Karen said...

Valorie - the wind is blowing up here too! I just got home from a lovely "to do" at, of all places, Tiger Stadium! I got to skip out the chute ,go under the goal posts, and yell from the 50 yard line! And that grass can't be any better than what you have on your patio so don't worry about weather, gardens, or high winds. A party in New Orleans always survives!
See you then.........

Renee Finberg said...

wonderful post .


Anonymous said...

Beautiful "wish I was there" garden pics, Miz V. How lucky that shiny crowd is to have you hosting the cocktail party. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

I drove to Santa Barbara early yesterday morning for a conference, and even at 7:30a.m. in my car on the freeway, the air was filled with the fragarnce of blossoms. A perfectly beautiful day in an earthly paradise. Then I hit four thrift stores on the way home which scored me a fabulous late 1960's table lamp (huge, glossy white porecelain ceramic w/relief design)for $10 and two tall folding privacy screens for my office here at work. (My dear Mo, I thought of you all day, Muchacha. You shoulda' been there. You and I both know it.)

candi said...

Her work is gorgeous. I especially love the last photo!

Thank you so much for adding my new blog to your blog roll, I really appreciate it :)