Monday, March 2, 2009

French Style - Oh That's So 80's


The 15th-century round tower, is the oldest part of this French country house. It was a fortification that overlooked the valley.

Antique paisleys covering 19th-century armchairs set a warm ambiance in the upstairs living room. The large painting is of the Red Fort in Delhi, found in a café in Arles. Many of the 19th-century pieces, bought in the area, blend with the architecture.

So 80's - The leather sofa and Kilm pillows

Dig those ladder back chairs and that chandelier

On the kitchen wall at right is a 19th-century salon painting of Hecate and her dogs.

I spy a brass bed! Now that's Lay Lady Lay 80's

A large stone mantel in the master bedroom is original to the house. The 17th-century country pine bench-table rests between a pair of 19th-century armchairs.

We were all much younger then

An old manor house in the Lot valley, an area famed for its truffles, was the summer haven for the late film director Louis Malle, his wife, Candice Bergen, and their then two-year old daughter, Chloe. Although the house was used during World War II, it had been left abandoned until Malle restored it in the late 1960s.

It's so funny to take a look back at something that was the height of French country decorating back in the 1980's. All that pine furniture! I have a few pieces myself! And wouldn't the chandelier over the dining table be better replaced with one of the oversize lanterns we all love.
I wonder if this house is still in the family, and if it's been updated.
Joni I think this could be your next post!

From Architectural Digest 1988


vicki archer said...

I love looking back - I was much prettier then!! This French home is like so many today so sometimes all that happens is things stay the same. Thank you for your thoughtful comment at French Essence - I agree about us 'creative types' completely - we can't help ourselves, but isn't it fun. xv

My Notting Hill said...

I remember reading about this house years ago. I've always been curious about the psychology behind why some things seem dated while other things will look classic to us, no matter the decade. Interesting post.

Jan said...

I confess - I have some pine!
What can I say?
It wears well.

mimi said...

Actually I think this looks very good despite it's age. There are some timeless pieces that carry the day and despite my own inclination to do so why do we need to update and change so very much? Maybe I am just feeling guilty in these tough economic times.

Fifi Flowers said...

GREAT post... love the house and decor... I could move in!

Cote de Texas said...

time is so sad - he is long gone, she has turned,,,,,old sad to say. they were such a glamour couple. wonder what the daughter looks like?

Cote de Texas said...

i'm sure this is still his - it was his family's house if i remember it correctly. i'll bet his other children and maybe their daughter together own it still.