Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Peter Vitale

Peter Vitale's Bedroom

You know someone, work with someone for years, and yet what do you really know?
During my career in New York I had the good fortune to work with photographer Peter Vitale. I don't even remember how I got the connection with him - we both worked with John Loring on a couple of Tiffany books, but not together. In those days, the phone rang and a job came in.

Peter Vitale was an art history major in college
Vignette from his bedroom

What I did know that Peter was a totally cute and cool Italian guy. Spiffy dresser, super nice, very dry humor, very generous, and a calm professional. He never raised his voice, he always worked continuously on a job, cranking out one beautiful perfect shot after another without pressure or a feeling of drudgery. We had a good time working together.

Another artful vignette from Peter Vitale's bedroom

He was appreciative of the styling work I did for him, though he could have done it himself. He never questioned my choices, though I always asked my twenty questions about what he wanted, and then gave it to him.

Lately we have reconnected. A phone call once in awhile, when he thinks of me for a job proposal. And now a couple of e-mails. When we met we were both living in New York, but eventually he made his home base in Santa Fe. I never thought to ask him why, like did he grow up there?
Peter is one of those people who has no regional accent whatsoever, so you can't really tell where he comes from, though I think he is from New Jersey originally.

Peter Vitale official bio ha ha

Peter Vitale's home and interior design
in the Christmas issue of Veranda 2008

So I went to his web site, and thought I'd pick up some bio tidbits there. But again nada. I e-mailed him last week and told him I was going to do another blog post about him, and did he have anything he'd like me to write about. He asked if I knew about his new book "Divine", and I said, uh yeah, I blogged on it months ago ha ha.

So really I don't have much to say about Peter that you don't already know. Because of his extensive work for magazines, especially for Veranda, he is much known and beloved by decor bloggers.

Peter Vitale's personal collection of French antique ex votos

I got a few images from his web site, and also found an article about his own bedroom, that is kind of fab.

Peter Vitale's home in Veranda December 2008
I spy the same fab chair that is in the earlier bedroom vignette

So enjoy the eye candy, and I will be writing Peter later, and I will ask him more about his life ha ha.

Another vignette in the home of Peter Vitale
Veranda December 2008

Work from Peter Vitale's commercial and residential portfolio

Buenos Aires Four Seasons
Now why couldn't I work on this project ha ha

But I did work on the Four Seasons in New York
with the fabulous Peter Vitale

And of course do get his latest beautiful book HERE


Helen said...

Everything he touches ... pure perfection. Thank you so much for showing us his work!

Paul Pincus said...

i love his work. thanks for intro. you've had such a fascinating life, V*V! i'm off to order the divine home.

ps thank you so much for your very kind mention ... your words made me blush!!

alice said...

He has such beautiful photographs!

I have Divine, and I was planning to bring it to a book signing and couldn't make it!

But the books still just as good :)

Topsy Turvy said...

Great stuff! And you - I'm so jealous of your exciting life!


Colour Me Happy said...

Love those windows, very John Saladino! Which rooms did you style? Inquiring minds want to know :)

Linda Merrill said...

Wonderful photography! It must have been fantastic to work directly with him!

Linda/ RMS "Mom of a German Shorthair" said...

*** All I can say is THANK YOU, my friend!!! Peter is sooo perfectly "tuned in" to his inner truths in his design approach ~~~ the clean style, w/o distractions, is an ABSOLUTE JOY to see. I MUST learn more about him, and THANK YOU once again for a wonderful addition to my growing list of FAVs!!! Warmly, Linda (BTW, his personal style is PERFECT for where he lives~~~ just PERFECT!)~~~

Anonymous said...

Ding, ding, ping-a-ling. This resonates with my style heart. (And oh YOU name dropping New York again!)

Transformations Home Stylists said...

Just found this post,,,and I was wondering if this is the same Peter Vitale I worked with in Bloomingdale's New York. But you make him sound so mysterious I don;t know how I could ever find out! Wondering....Robin