Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blog Out Loud

Megan from Beach Bungalow 8 sent this, and it looks very cool. So check it out!

When & Where:

Thursday, June 4th at Patio Culture on Abbott Kinney in Venice, CA.


Jonathan (Happy Mundane), Audrey Woolen (Parcel Post) and Richele Silva (Richie Designs)

Our goal:

To get the word out in the next 2 weeks. We want to reach creative people - interior designers, gfx designers, photographers, shop owners, artists, you name it - and invite them to join us, chat with the panel of bloggers and learn more about blogging.

And if that's not enough of a carrot on the stick: there will be free libations.

All event details can be found at


La Maison Fou said...

Thanks! I thought I was the only one around my neighborhood parts that ever said "libations"!!! Good to see that I am in great company!

Kwana said...

Very cool!

MissBliss said...

fun!! Bring it to Miami Beach next???

Enjoy the weekend and libations! ;)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Love your blog.

Velvet and Linen said...

Don't you want to come out for a visit? We can go together. My house is always open for you!


Maria Killam said...

So sad that I don't live there!!

Giles Cook at Whispering Lazuli said...

Just starting out in blogging as a UK based designer - wish I could come to that as it sounds like a terrific idea.
Can there be one in the UK one day....?!

pve design said...

NY next!

Anonymous said...

Megan Arquette giving her thoughts on blogging? It would be like seeing Einstein explain relativity to Shakespeare.

Anonymous said...

It was in my universe, but not on my planet. Hope you all had a great time:)