Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Single Working Woman's Manhattan Apartment

Being known as an ex-pat New Yorker elicits comments on my decorating style such as "that's so New York." I often wonder what that means exactly. Apartment living might dictate style, whether it's an upper West Side pre war, a Park Avenue pre war, a Fifth Avenue building, a Village brownstone, an upper East Side mid century, a Murray Hill townhouse, or a downtown loft, and any and everything in between.

I guess the point I'm making is that there is no one New York style, yet there is a thread that defines its metropolitan ethos.

This month's issue of New York Spaces features designer Maureen Footer's interpretation of what is described as an uptown flat.

The title of the editorial is "The Twist - Bold yellows and greens refresh an uptown flat."

She mixes things to great effect such as a bold black and white Garret Chingery painting with an antique bust. Gorgeous hand painted Chinoiserie wallpaper decks out the foyer of this mid century Manhattan apartment, and the bedroom is a soft contrast to the bold color in the rest of the apartment.

The apartment was designed for a single working woman. It's a one bedroom on the Upper East Side. The combination of French, Venetian, and Asian inspired antiques, along with what Footer calls "Yellow as the absolute go-to color" results in a glamorous dazzling space with a lively twist that's so New York.


Linda/"Mom" said...

*Wish you could see the SMILE on my face, Valorie! I haven't thought of this in YEARS, & as "short" as I can make it, "here goes", cuz it's so FUNNY... now... (Well, I think so, & I CAN "laugh at myself"!):

Here I am: Barely 19 ("val-gal-from-Cal" as they would say today!), blonde, deeply tanned & newly married~~~ educated but certainly not well-travelled or in ANY way exposed to the ways-of-the-world yet!

Situation: SOOOO, this CA born n' bred "girl" meets a NEW YORKER...OMG!!!... a R-E-A-L one (!), like w/ the ACCENT and ALL!!! She's got beauuutiful, PALE skin, dark, dark hair and is "older"... at LEAST mid-late thirties (!!!) & is beautiful, faaaabulously dressed (almost all black, but w/ pearls... BIG pearls!), sharp, well-spoken, charming, interesting & very NICE. I was in A*W*E of her SOPHISTICATION!

In our friendly conversation, she mentions her "apartment" (on some "AVENUE"... NObody in SO CAL LIVES on an "AVENUE", I'm thinking...!)... I feel soooo sad... and shocked(!). Shocked that she looked, acted & sounded sooooo "educated, well-travelled & monied", and the POOOOOR THING had to live in an A-P-A-R-T-M-E-N-T!!!

Haven't thought of that evening in a gazillion years, but it sure makes me smile at the thought of it now, & somehow I think she KNEW I had NO IDEA what "an APARTMENT on 'some AVENUE' in Manhattan meant" (!), and to her credit, she remained elegant, kind, warm & gracious to this "kid"!!! God bless New Yorkers!!!

Linda in AZ *

Linda/"Mom" said...

*Oh Gosh! Sorry this is so long & takes up so much space! Plz forgive?!?! XO, Me *

Renee Finberg said...

the fitted coverlet is fab.
so are her colors in the living room.
and of course i love the foil wall chic.

great post , it makes me want to run back to the city !

.. what else is new !


katiedid said...

The lving room is perfect! I am a fan of contrast like the painting and the bust. Thanks for the peek!

Renae said...

Great story from Linda!
I love the yellow curtains, the apple green chair and all the black accents, table, art, etc in the first picture.
I think I could just move in!
Great post Miz V!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

That is sooo NY style.


Anonymous said...

New York apartments; a favorite subject of mine thanks to the movies.

J'adore photo number one!

Am also loving the fitted coverlet. Hmmm, could be the solution to the unmade bed chez moi.

Elizgonz said...

VV, I have just recently started visiting your blog regularly and I love it.

I think this NY living room is divine. It will definitely be going into my inpsiration file.

Anonymous said...

Love that wallpaper!

Eddie + Jaithan

Linda/"Mom" said...

* V~ Don't know if yer a Mom or not, but like me, I KNOW you take good care of your husband AND four-legged loves, SOOOOO, "HAPPY MAMA'S DAY"!!! Warmest, Linda, AZ *

Kwana said...

I love it. I'm dying over that green chair!

jerseygirl211 said...

I had a big smile on my face when I saw the yellow and green. In our fist apartment, many years ago, in New Jersey, I used the same shades of both colors. I still have a piece of the fabric I used, tucked away in a box somewhere. I wish I had some pictures to show. Hope you had a good weekend.


Things That Inspire said...

I love that little vignette to the right of the fireplace - the bust and the art. Beautiful.

When I think of something that is 'so NY' I think of great design that must be squeezed into a relatively small space. So many homes in Atlanta have such a luxury of space that is simply not possible in NY (or at least, not possible for less than 75 million) and I always admire the way NY designers deal with the unique challenges that NY places present. Every piece must count.

Fifi Flowers said...

Ooooh I want a NEW York City apartment... this is FAB!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the dining room!