Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gabo Says Adios To Colombia

As design becomes uber global, one often feels that anything foreign can be gotten at home, imported instantly via web sites.
Designers and architects and merchants and realtors ply their talent and wares to us whilst we sit comfortably behind the computer screen.

I love to travel to see how other people live, and nothing will ever replace the thrill of seeing things in person.

I love South America, but have only been to a couple of large cities in Colombia and Argentina and Brazil.

I was looking at some saved images of a house in Colombia that was featured in Veranda HERE.

A beautiful 250 year old house near the sea, that has been decorated in a contemporary way.

South Americans are masters of this mixing of the very old with the very new.

I could see myself reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez whilst swaying in one of these hammocks.

A friend sent me Gabo's farewell letter HERE
It is well worth taking the time to read this and see this lovely presentation.
El maestro is ill and has announced his retirement from the public world HERE.
Adios muchacho.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez and his wife Mercedes


Renae said...

Sad but oh so eloquent a farewell letter. I do love how it is infused over beautiful images. Thanks Valorie.

I love the bedroom that is behind the shutters!


Kwana said...

I'd be happy swaying in a hammock right about now.

my favorite and my best said...

HAHA!!! i just posted on this house a week ago! sooooo pretty!
ridiculously so.

vicki archer said...

I would love to travel more throughout South America - so far only Rio. Thanks for the gorgeous pics Valorie, xv.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

An eloquent letter...beautiful pics. South America alwys just seeps into my soul! Hoping to get to Argentina and Brazil this fall!

An Aesthete's Lament said...

Hammocks. Must have hammocks. Pawley's Island ones are the best.

VictoriaArt said...

All so well said!
I love Gabriel Marcia Marquez,all his books resonated with me!
Love Victoria

PS: Have a look over on my side if you like, I elaborated on glamour, you might like it!

Anonymous said...

Marquez is someone I SHOULD have read, but have not yet done so. Still, especially in seeing his sweet face in that photo, my heart is pricked for his sake. The longest life is still too short, and the tender letter to his friends is a good nudge for us all. Who wouldn't be nodding "yes" as they read it?

I do swoon over those South American Interiors. And you are so right in praising their ability to marry the very old with the very new. Enchanting.

Ann said...

Nice images of a very inviting home. South American Interiors do have flair and warmth at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Um, yes please! I'd live for a lazy afternoon of reading in that hammock any day!


mikeb302000 said...

Those are beautiful pics. I love the idea of South Americans mixing the old with the new. Beautiful.

Whitney Gray said...

i am enamored.