Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Come Into The White

As the unofficial start of summer kicked off last weekend, alot of people went out of town, and alot of people came into New Orleans as their getaway.
We stayed in town, and I gave the living room some summer touches.
No I didn't repaint it all white, but I did add some more white to the room.

First a good cleaning, and a change of drapes. Down came the green velvet. Then I moved the white sheer curtains from the bedroom into the living room. I often move things to different rooms, kind of "shopping" the house for a new look.

The room is flooded with light and feels so airy, so much like summer.
I also swapped out the gilded wheat sheaf base and glass coffee table for this white mid century cutie. I cannot just confine myself to one era ha ha, so I mix all the centuries together.
I also removed the black and white stripe rug and swapped it out for the cow hide which was in the guest bedroom. I love the hide rugs because they hide everything, i.e. dog hair and dirt. And I love seeing more of the floor for summer too.

The morning light is just fabulous. By mid morning it moves from the front of the house, so even though the room is light filled, it's not hot from the sun pouring in.

The art work in the living room is comprised of all portraits. It's my little portrait gallery.
I love to hang art low. It pleases my eye.

I purposely did not put side tables next to the antique French settee, though you know I have them! I had a smaller version of the coffee table, and decided to float both of them, one in front of the settee, and one in front of the sofa. I flipped the settee and sofa from their "winter" positions.

The Thomas Paul pillow with the Greco-Roman head, the portrait of Kenny, and even the little sculpted head in the tray of shells, all add to portrait gallery.

I also added a sweet little green chair, the Philippe Starck Mademmoiselle Chair. The pop of green and the clear Lucite legs add just the right amount of sparkle.

I mix a variety of prints, and the green chair has a tone on tone damask to add to the fun.

I often pick the ginger from the yard for the living room, and the fresh green of the leaves plays along with the green chair.

The Will Barnett portrait entitled "The Young Couple" has subtle shades of green too, and the bunch of giant green grapes make a nice still life.

Another corner has a metal etagere, with two of my favorite portraits, one of Cholo done by Patricia from PVE, and the other of my friend Trevor, who I snapped at Castle Howard when we visited a friend there together.

Cholo loves the new arrangement. He has so many places to choose to snuggle on, like this vintage chair recovered in a Duralee print.

The corner with the chaise is Alberto's hang out.

The tray on the coffee table holds shells, and other special little things like this box of calling cards Alberto had printed when he graduated from The University of Buenos Aires over 40 years ago!

Since we'll be spending most of our summer at home this year, I am so happy that the living room has been dressed in summer whites. It feels like we've gone someplace new and pretty for a holiday.
So take a look around your house, and see what you can move around to refresh a room for summer!


Dianne said...

I love it all!!!!! Your style is so boho artist. It makes me happy!

Ideezine said...

We often have everything we need. We just need to look at things differently. Lovely post!


Renae said...

I adore what you have done! You have such a gift for mixing all different colors and they seem to go well with each other! Will you come to my house? I "need" a different eye!
Hugs Girl...

Jan said...

It's great that you have free reign - (is Alberto's corner out of bounds though I wonder?):)
Lovely result x

my favorite and my best said...

looks great!!! you should throw in a before just so we can reference quickly! love it!!

Jill said...

Such a fun bohemian the mix!

La Maison Fou said...

I like the Summer look; the shells, tray, & the calling cards...great look! It does feel good to lighten up !! Good job

Visual Vamp said...

Hi Everyone,

Working hard!

Thanks as ever for all your comments, and for your loyal readership.

I got the following lovely comment via e-mail from Kimberly:

Looks wonderful! Just like I'd expect from New Orleans. We were supposed to be there this past weekend for our 20th anniversary ( at the Mason Depuy) I probably butchered the spelling...don't tell them, as we've stayed there a million times, and I should Know how to spell it!!! Too many end of year activities for the kiddos. We will see your wonderful town soon. I lost my Water Meter Cover charm, so I have to get back to the French Market to get another!!!

xo xo

Anonymous said...

I love this for two very big reasons: 1) It is eclectic and fun and there is so much good energy in the room, and 2) You accomplished this with things that you already had and made it feel fresh and uplifting.

Tricia - Avolli

Cote de Texas said...

even though I miss the rug, somehow it looks better!!! what a change - love everything - esp. the pillow gallery. you are the best.

Renee Finberg said...


the bigger question is ;
"what CAN"T you do ?"

love it all !

vicki archer said...

Love, love the 'white over' xv

Whitney Gray said...

i am enamored.

VictoriaArt said...

Love it! This is glamorous your way! I am in awe and mezmerised...
Happy white hot summer!

MissBliss said...

I loooove seeing your shifting process. Having lots of new light is fabulous! And, speaking of Phillip Stark (sorry for spelling), I live in Miami Beach and get to Enjoy the Delano Hotel anytime... love his work!!!

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

I love it, I really love it!♥

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Love the artistry of the room. So visual. So vampy. So YOU

Adore it all!!

GrannySmithGreen said...

I'm having a fit over the engraved calling cards. They jumped out at me in the first photograph. Your family has such style-winter or summer--or 40 years ago! You're the best VV!

Jessica said...


Hill Country House Girl said...

Love it all - isn't it fun to re-arrange and go shopping in your own house!

katiedid said...

Your home is always so much fun to see. I love that it is everchanging.

Lauren said...

your house looks beautiful!!! love the summer changes!!

Anonymous said...

A fun freshening up! I won't repeat myself about adoring brown and white (ooops, guess I did), but I will add that a bright citrus-y green is also one of my weaknesses. Love that clever little tray full of hand-chosen delights. Especially with the addition of a carved head and Alberto's vintage calling cards. You forever reinforce my tendency to hang on to such things. I've always boxed and drawered (a new verb)them away, but why not rotate them in a revolving curiosity tray? Thank you, Miz V, I will.

pve design said...

I mean really - who would want to leave...?
Just lovely.