Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Weekend! And Check Out A Web Site Reaching Out To Old Fans Of Domino

See more fab photos of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward HERE

We're off to teach tango this weekend in Florida.

The above image came from the Architectural Design web site, which is getting to be pretty darn good!

Ever since Domino folded, Conde Nast has honored Domino subscriptions with the only home decor magazine they have left in their once mighty stable. It's AD, which at first seemed like a slap in the face to most Domino readers.

The current issue of AD is pretty good. They seem to be hipping it up a bit, with features like $100 and under, and a little less stiff in the editorials.

Great Design $100 and under HERE

So check it out.
If you go to the web site enter the readers non professional living room photo thingee. You send one photo of your living room to them, by June 30, and they'll post ones they like the best on July 7, for readers to vote on. Kind of reminds me of the Domino Decorating Contest.

Go HERE to enter

One of my favorite features on the AD web site is the section called Hollywood At Home. Their archive of photos is incredible, as you can see by the two I used (Paul and Joanne, and Judy Garland).

You can also get a tote bag if you subscribe. Though not as cute as the Domino tote, it's a start from AD to reach out to all the hip, color loving, Ruthie Sommers fans, the self decoraters on a real budget, the Domino girls and boys.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, just look at Paul and Joanne.

Linda/"Mom" said...

* Ohhhhh, did I just lovvvvvvve him!!! (My heart HURTS now)~

Linda in AZ *

Velvet and Linen said...

Paul Newman is the best looking man that has ever lived (and you have to love that he and Joanne were married for so long!)
Have a wonderful tango weekend.


Lee Beth said...

I love the old-timey looking people in the photographs. I think I was born in the wrong generation.

sinnlighet said...

Your blog is soo cute & nice & very tasty!!

Regards from Agneta in Sweden

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Oh it's time AD did a little changing. It's just about the only decorating magazine that features just too many "untouchable" type of rooms.

Speaking of magazines, the brand new Coastal Living is better than usual. It features a woman who tries to channel her inner Sister Parish, a Nantucket house and some other article I can't remember (that I liked). Not to mention the new Elle Decor with the 12 page spread on Aerin Lauder! Yahoo!

Amanda said...

I remember reading this article- simply wonderful pictures of the old stars and hollywood.


Your blog is amazing, so I am giving you the "one fabulous blog" award! If you want to give awards to others, pick 15 blogs you love and have newly discovered. Link back to me, then link to them. Let them know you have chosen them by writing a comment on their blog. Have fun and keep up the great job!

Melissa said...

Just to clarify, Conde Naste honored Domino subscriptions to any of their magazines. I believe AD was the default but if you called up their customer service dept. you were able to get any magazine you wanted. I feared AD in my mailbox so Lucky now arrives.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that Judy Garland pic is HILARIOUS! Talk about a staged photograph. Love it though - kinda fun & kitschy.