Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jonathan Adler Goes To The Dogs

Cute dogs and cute shoes.

This is the concept for these portraits.

Kind of a cool idea. No worry about age, or being pretty or not - that is, no worry for the humans ha ha.

It helps if you have good legs and cute shoes. The dogs don't have have a thing to worry about.

For Immediate Release from the Jonathan Adler store in New York:

"We’re thrilled to introduce Charity de Meer’s “Pet Project” portrait photography.

The style: Art interpreted through the filter of Charity de Meer’s brilliant lenses. Your favorite shoes and your favorite pet photographed from the waist down.

The one-of-a-kindness: It doesn’t get more personal than a portrait of your faithful companion and you.

The availability: Featured photographs are available for purchase at Jonathan Adler New York City and Miami retail locations: http://www.jonathanadler.com/ for store information. For inquiries about commissioned portraits, please contact 877-287-1910. "

VV Here: I hate to be snarky, but I think you could do this type of cute photo yourself. Get a cute pair of shoes, grab the pooch, and get a friend to snap the photo.


La Maison Fou said...

So true...you could design the look you want for your own personal pic!

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

A greta idea for pics and I have just the vintage shoes and yorkie for it!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Adorable. Two of my favourite things...cute shoes and cute dogs.

Here's my offering...


Shandell's said...

I have 2 Jack Russell's, this has inspired me to pull out some of my favorite shoes and do a photo shoot.

down and out chic said...

i like this series...cute dogs and shoes, very nice.

Anonymous said...

MizV- you and Cholo in front of the front walk ferns, the hot yellow shoes!

Anonymous said...

Very cool idea. And I agree, it's a sure fire do-it-yourself project. I would add some B&W pics in the mix.