Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shop Keepers Homes 3 - Gerrie and Tom Bremermann

It can easily be said that Gerrie Bremerman is the creator and godmother of interior design in New Orleans as we know it today. By that I mean the mix that has become almost generic, the eclectic mix of the old and new and the high and the low.

Mrs. Bremermann is in her 80's and still working six days a week with her husband Tom in their shop on Magazine Street (at #3943).

The artist Amanda Talley recently went to dinner at the Bremermann's. She worked in Gerrie's shop for eight years, and is a very good friend. Amanda also just started a new blog, (The Big Easy Life) and her first post is about that evening. I've borrowed Amanda's images as my e-mails to Gerrie's staff at the shop have fallen on deaf ears.

The Bremermann entry hall - I love the whimsy of the plastic flag

I love the photos Amanda took, because they are casual. Where else could you get to see the inside of Gerrie Bremermann's closet?

Or get an idea of Mrs. B's fabulous sense of humor?

The Bremermann aesthetic has spawned dozens of shops on Magazine Street, and inspired many a design career. It would be safe to say that beautiful shops like Tara Shaw, Petricia Thompson, Kevin Stone, Julie Neill, Karla Katz, Perch, and many more owe a huge debt to the Bremermanns for paving the way.

The Bremermanns are life long collectors. Their home looks a full feast for the eys, but without the feeling of clutter or being overdone or over wrought. It looks inhabited, not staged.

Their present home is a combination of two apartments on a higher than street level floor. It has lovely views.

Gerrie's husband Tom works alongside her six days a week. They have been married for over 60 years and their relationship offers much insight on the subject of getting along and staying in love. The fact that Tom refers to Gerrie as the Queen sounds like a sure fire way to a long and happy marriage.

The Bremermann touch is lavishly and lovingly used. I love Tom's Eames Lounge Chair. I had one like it for years.

I also love the way Lucite is used alongside antiques. And the tiger print stool is the perfect little grace note.

The dining room is lovely. Amanda said there were pink monogrammed napkins the night she dined there.

The long sideboard looks mid 20th century.

The guest room is so sweet. The canopy twin beds are perfect. It's interesting to see so much fitted carpet used. Of course it being an apartment probably calls for its application.

The little sitting area in the guest room is precious.

I love the big girl drapes, especially the French pleat at the top.

Please go to Amanda's new blog and read more about this dinner party. There are some great photos of the Bremermann's art collection which has many contemporary pieces as well as more traditional ones. The Bremermann mix is flawless.

Love, love, LOVE the mini hand chairs!

Also check the Southern Accents web site, as they have published many great photos of Gerrie Bremermann's work, and also see Joni Webb's blog Cote de Texas and her opus on Mrs. B. as her number four pick of her top ten designers.

The Bremermann look that spawned a movment:
Turned wood chandeliers, trumeaus, slips, and mixing it all up

What I hope you will take away with you from this post, is a snap shot of a life well lived by two hard workers who love what they do, love each other, and love the city of New Orleans.

Antique bust at The Bremermanns,
draped with carnival beads from the all women Krewe of Muses

PS Happy Birthday to my sister Cher!


Ideezine said...

What a great Love Story about a couple, design and their life together. It all works!



I am amazed by the things you share. What a beautiful story of love and of life. I am following your suggestion and looking at the other sites.

Thank you as always for all you share with all of us.


Linda/"Mom" said...

* Enchanting! SOOOO much stylish & personalized comfort, EVERYwhere, & it is soooo heartwarming to read about the "B" family, who definitely rates an A+ in MY mind's eye!!!

They're UNDOUBTEDLY "two in a gazillion"!!! She's in her 80's and even looks FAB in white pants (JEANS?!?!?!?!?!?! Holy guacamole!!!). And there's HUMOR in their lives (& pillows!)~~~~ I think that's a LARGE PART of why they're still so obviously in love!

SUUUUCH a delightful, informative blog about two darling, hard-working lovebirds! I LOVED IT!

Linda in AZ *

Things That Inspire said...

What a treat to see the home of the legendary Gerrie Bremermann...I am off to check out Amanda's new blog!

Carla said...

So stylish and lovely. Great story from your part of the world. Thanks Valorie. Carla x

Jan said...

Wish I knew an octogenarian who would appreciate that pillow. Brilliant.
another great post V x

Lauren said...

such an easy elegance about the rooms. I'm loving the canopy twin beds!!!

La Maison Fou said...

Wonderful story on such a fascinating duo! To be at such a wonderful place & still love life, design and the time together. Isn't this the stuff that life is made of?

Renae said...

I see the sisterly resemblance...fab!
What a great home the Brennerman's have...a life of work and love and living in the Big Easy. Beautiful.

Carol said...

That was an amazing post! Thanks for sharing all those pictures and information. That home and that closet!!!

Topsy Turvy said...

It's so interesting to see her house "unstyled". Those twin beds are great, and my favorite is the golden years pillow!


Willow Decor: said...

Wonderful to see Gerrie at home!! Can't wait to check out Amanda's new blog!

Willow Decor: said...

Wonderful to see Gerrie at home!! Can't wait to check out Amanda's new blog!

Anonymous said...

How very interesting to see how people really live and how they use all their goodies. They look so happy and settled in.

And your sis! I totally see that you two come from the same baby batter!