Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vamp Digest

Things are hectic.
I'm moving so fast I feel as if I'm moving back in time. Nearly fifteen years ago I "semi retired" from the world of business. I reinvented myself, and gave up my business, and stopped going to the office in a traditional 9 - 5 way.

My days remained busy, but in a different way. You all know it's different when you are not expected to show up at the same time in the same place everyday.

The business of teaching tango and producing tango events is hard work, but it's not 9 to 5 each and every day. We work super hard for intense bursts of time. And the traveling we do to teach keeps our "office" ever changing.

Now I'm back to where I was fifteen years ago, responsible for showing up in the same place at the same time. And I'm teaching tango too.

We just did a tango workshop in Florida this past weekend. We drove up the Emerald Coast. I am so glad when we can drive to our gigs. I'm not afraid to fly, but I don't really like it much.
The sad news about the Air France flight sent my prayers to them all. Many times while hovering over a turbulent Atlantic Ocean I prayed mighty hard for the safe return of each and everyone of us to our destination.

These beautiful Phillipe Stark Mademoiselle Chairs came into Perch today

I'm back at the shop today, getting things ready for a couple of photo shoots.

June is the traditional month for the start of wedding season, and the wedding images you see here are in this month's issue of Veranda, in an editorial about a very beautiful wedding in France. Pick up the issue, or check it out on line.
After years and years of producing weddings, I'm a sucker for pictures and locations such as these.

I have several Shop Keepers Homes stories working too.

One of the Shop Keepers Homes coming soon

And I'm working on something about a fabulous new book on Swedish style coming out by Rhonda Eleish and Edie Van Breems.

Interior Design by Eleish Van Breems Antiques

There's a crew coming to New Orleans in August to shoot a book project I'm involved with.

Scouting for a photo shoot in August

And we have some Bed and Tango guests coming this summer too.

We stopped at the beach on the drive back to New Orleans.

After so many years of having the "free" schedule of someone semi retired, I really appreciated these moments on the beach.

June is also the start of Hurricane season here on the Gulf Coast.


London Calling said...

Fab shot of you/hat/pup on the beach.

katiedid said...

Sounds like you are VERY busy! But in a very good way. Congrats on all of the projects!

And OMG! The sand is soooo white! Beautiful!!!!

Kwana said...

Beautiful post. Love you in the hat on the beach. What a busy life you have. It's something how our lives change with the tides huh?

MissBliss said...

Lots of creativity happening! Enjoy!!!

Velvet and Linen said...

Welcome home, Valorie. It is so much fun to come for a visit and see all of the amazing projects you are involved with.
I can't wait for the new Eleish Van Breems book. Their last one sits in my office in an honored place.
Love the Mademoiselle chairs. They will only add to the already gorgeous Perch.
Your tango lessons look like so much fun. I vow to be a Bed and Tango visitor soon!


my favorite and my best said...

chairs..chairs!!!! love them.
you on the beach-lovely.
great post, as usual.
don't work so hard you make yourself sick now! take one day in there to relax please.

Things That Inspire said...

The next shop keeper's home looks great!

I read today that 'they' are predicting that the hurricane season will not be so bad this year...let's hope.

Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

For a retired gal, you sure are busy! Way to go, but definitely make time for more beach moments!

Jan said...

What a fab beach - snowy white sand. It's good that you're busy, but don't overdo it x

Blushing hostess said...

I love the Emerald Coast. One of my favorite road trips was Tampa to New Orleans. Even as you say... if only there were more time...

Lauren said...

You're so productive!!! I love the scouting shot for the project that's being photographed- gorgeous. Also can't wait to hear more abou the Rhonda Eleish and Edie Van Breems book!!

Fifi Flowers said...

Gorgeous ocean behind you and your adorable pup! You are a busy busy gal!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

What a deliriously busy summer...so good you were able to enjoy a break!

Great images! Particularly love your sun hat!!

Anonymous said...

Love you on the beach! We miss you!

Eddie + Jaithan

Anonymous said...

You on the Beach in that FABULOUS hat. . . just TOO CUTE.

The Shop Keeper's Home photo is flipping my skirt. . . can't wait to see more of that home.

A dear-to-my-heart little friend has just begun planning her wedding (she's an American vegetarian and he's an Englishman who won't eat his vegetables) which is scheduled for February, so it was fun to see the lovely wedding ideas.

Received a word from Mo recently who noticed we were both missing electronically:) She said she misses your daily musings. So do I. I'm delighted you have work in the creative world, but I miss ya. Nevertheless! I remain your faithful reader. When you have time to write it, I'll be here reading it.

KLBK said...

damn. every time I tell myself not to look at any more wedding blogs cuz mine is newly over. 90% of the time I say ooooh mine was better but it's that nasty 10% that I just sit and stare ;) still.

Renee Finberg said...

wow, after reading just 1 week of your busy life...i need a nap.

you certainly are no longer semi-retired.
love you xx

ps you look adorable

Funky Junk Sisters said...

Like this post and love the pics! We wanted to let you know we are having a giveaway, stop by our blog to enter!

Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters

Anonymous said...

Oh, and speaking of Tango Week-ends, I've already bought my "textbook." Yes, Miz V., I bought and read the opening chapters of your "Gotta Tango" book! Lots of interesting Tango background and the must-have music list. I was crushed to read how many original master recordings of the best Tango music were purposely destroyed. The rest of the book (the instructional part) will have to wait until right before my future Tango week-end - as will actually doing the lessons on the DVD. But of course I did peek at the DVD, and you and Alberto are adorable. And your beautiful shoes! Even Alberto's shoes! His black dancing shoes with the red insets? I would TOTALLY wear those!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I adore that sun hat!!
And you know the old saying..."if you want something done, give it to a busy woman!".
We are born multi-taskers!
I love seeing all you're up to!

Lauren said...

That reallllly makes me want to go to the beach (and p.s. I totally have that dress too)! I love those chairs...one day. The wedding images are gorgeous!

VictoriaArt said...

Valerie, you are one stylish thing, and you have the midas touch; and I mean it in the nicest possible way! AMAZING!
Your energy is contageous!
;) Victoria