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All About Chinoiserie Screens From Gaita Interiors

Rarely do I find a blog with a post or two that I want to reprint. I recently found the blog Gaita Interiors, and it is very, very good.

Last year I posted about a Billy Baldwin inspiration by way of Mr. B's way of using a Chinese screen HERE.

Leona from From Gaita Interiors did a fabulous post on Chinoiserie screens that I want to share with you. I feel a terrific DIY project is about to happen!

The following is from Gaita Interiors:

"The folding Chinoiserie Screen has been a classic piece in interior design for centuries for several good reasons. First and foremost, they’re beautiful. They add an exotic Eastern flavor to any room. Lately I’ve noticed a trend among designers toward the use of this decorative staple, as part of an elegant yet unpretentious approach to the design of comfortable living spaces.

chinese screen

This beautiful room is by Alessandra Branca, via

The look is dramatic, and can serve as a focal point, setting the tone of the room. Serving as both furniture and art, a Chinoiserie screen works beautifully in a traditional or contemporary setting. The practical side of the folding screen is not to be overlooked. Interior designers and home owners have used them to define and divide spaces, and to hide an array of necessary evils, from an unfortunately placed powder room door, to a messy pile of toys, to an undesirable view. All while adding miles of style, pattern and color!

Michael S. Smith

By Michael S. Smith

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From the June House Beautiful, by Meg Braff

From the June House Beautiful, by Meg Braff. This small set can serve as wall art, or be used on a table top.

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English leather screens, via Decorati

English leather screens, via Decorati

lsfjlskdjflsdkjflskdjflskdjlskd English Leather Screens above lskdjfls


By Michael S. Smith

s;dl;sldkf;sldkf;sldkf;sldfk Smith Room with Fireplace above lskdjfhlj

An open kitchen is given privacy with a pair of decorative screens

The home chef is given the option of privacy in an open kitchen, using a pair of decorative screens.

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Decorative screens separated and installed as wall art.

Decorative screens separated and installed as wall art.

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Alexandria driuk

A great use of a Chinoiserie screen set in a beautiful room by Kim Alexandriuk

A matching pair of Chinoiserie sreens in a sitting room at the Kip's Bay Show House, design by Charlotte Moss.

A matching pair of Chinoiserie sreens in a sitting room at the Kip's Bay Show House, design by Charlotte Moss.


If you don’t have it in your budget to spend between $1,500.oo (for a new folding screen set from China) and… well the sky’s the limit for antique screens (depending on the age, condition and rarity) then you can do this project and get the Chinoise look, and practical function of a Chinoiserie folding screen set:

I would start by buying this unfinished screen set from ReadyToCover. They’ll make any size , shape and number of panels you desire. There are several top styles. I’m choosing the plain square top, to better mimic the look of an authentic Chinese screen.

Ready for paint and wallpaper, standing screens from

Ready for paint and wallpaper, standing screens from


Then choose a gorgeous Chinoiserie wallpaper. I recommend painting the back and frame in a color that closely matches the background color of the wallpaper. Your paint store should be able to match the color very closely. Once you’ve wallpapered the main panels, add a coat of satin polyurethane for finish and protection.

Here are some of my favorite Chinoiserie wallpapers that would work very well for this, along with a few fabrics I picked to go with them:


grainnes-charm-blue-terrakazvin-scarlettra-baby-cheetah-mustardtrilogy stripe capri;lfjdlfjldfjlkfjlkfrodilkksdfksld red wallpaper above
Wallpaper: (right )Thibaut, Meridian-red
Red satin: Robert Allen, Kazvin-scarlett
Stripe: Beacon Hill, Trilogy Stripe- capri
Skin print: Robert Allen, Baby Cheetah- mustard
Multi jacguard: Beacon Hill, Grainnes Charm- blue terra

fishing-village-black129437_616detail-of-ven-plaster123157_3232jinan noir
ldklskdjlskdjflsdkjfldkfjgldkfjgdlfgjujp Black wallpaper with co-ordinates oufoiuoiudfjgdlfgjdpfugdpofugdoifugdoifugoilkdlskdjflskdjlskdjflskdjflskdjflskdjflskdjflskdjflskdjflskdjflskdjflskdjlkjlkk
Wallpaper (right): Thibaut, Fishing Village-black
Rust textured wallpaper: Thibaut, Venetian Plaster, pumpkin
Green velvet: Kravet 23157-323
Black Leopard: Kravet 29437-616
Black damask: Beacon Hill, Jinan-noir

cantonese-brown1_pics_imag-220_22404_16martan_180936h-351cheetah-skin-praline1coulthard oro
Wallpaper (right): Thibaut, Cantonese-brown
Gold chennille: Kravet, 22404-16
Stripe: Beacon Hill, Coulthard-oro
Orange geometric: Highland Court, 180936H-35
Skin pattern:Beacon Hill, Cheetah Skin-praline

For pricing and availability on the various wallpapers and fabrics, call Gaita Interiors at (914)834-8282

AIN'T NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING! Here are some authentic hand painted Chinese screens that are out there, new and antique.

Antique Fujin Screen Set from

Antique Fujin Screen Set from , $2500.00

These two exquisite screen sets (above and below) are from Antiques by Zaar, an excellent dealer in Chinese antique decorative arts and furnishings. Their huge warehouse is in Highpoint, N.C., but the web site is wonderful too.

Antique Chinese Screens circa 1890 for antiquesbyzaar, $4675.00

Antique Chinese Screens circa 1890 for antiquesbyzaar, $4675.00

chinesefurnitureonline $2300

Newly made hand painted from chinesefurnitureonline $1800.00"


Rare anitque pair of Chinoiserie Screen sets valued at about $60,000.00


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