Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth Of July Weekend!

This looks like fun! We can stay late and watch the fireworks on the levee! Algiers Point is a very old neighborhood across the river from The French Quarter. It has the same vintage and pedigree of architecture and jazz as The French Quarter. If you're in New Orleans check this out. Yum! BBQ Oysters, Jazz, and Fireworks!

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Marlon Jordan: Cooking-n-Jazz
Algiers Old Point Bar Saturday, July 4th

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Marlon Jordan

The Old Point Bar in Algiers

Talk of the Nation

Twins Jazz: Review by Michael J. West


Marlon Jordan
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"Marlon's trumpeting, chameleon-like, assumes the colors of the music he plays ..."

"Marlon, the daring and dashing trumpeter of the group, was the star of the show, peppering each tune with the brash and braying, Buddy Bolden trumpet sounds ..."

"Marlon starred in George Wein's brilliantly- conceived supergroup of "Young Lions," which included Roy Hargrove and Mark Whitfield..."

"Marlon, one of the world's top trumpeters ..."

"Marlon Jordan is a young Big Easy native who is quickly making a name for himself with his energized take on the classic Miles Davis Quintet sound. His style is less introspective than his hero's allowing his vitality to grab hold immediately..."

"Marlon Jordan Quartet gave a rousing concert at Berlin City Hall in gratitude to the German people for assisting Katrina victims in New Orleans..."

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Marlon Jordan: "Cooking-n-Jazz"

  • Old Point Bar
  • Saturday, July 4, 2009
  • 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
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  • The Artwork of J. Pierre

  • The Old Point Bar in Algiers

  • Click for directions . . .

    The Old Point Bar is very excited to have Marlon Jordan entertain our patrons on Saturday, July 4th from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Join Marlon as he serves Hot Jazz as well as a sizzling dish of Shrimp Creole made in the tradition of his family through several generations.

    Located at 545 Patterson, The Old Point Bar is located in historic Algiers Point, New Orleans just minutes from the French Quarter by ferry.

    Call 504-364-0950 for details

    See you on the 4th of July!

    • Barbecued Oysters
    • Jordan's Grilled Fish

  • Talk of the Nation

  • Marlon Jordan - 3 Faces

    Marlon Jordan was one of the "Young Jazz Lions" who were signed, recorded and promoted on major record labels in the 1980s. He recorded three impressive LPs for Columbia from 1988 to 1992, For You Only, Learson's Return, and The Undaunted, and one for the Arabesque label entitled Marlon's Mode in 1997.

    His latest album, Marlon Jordan featuring Stephanie Jordan; You Don't Know What Love Is announced the return of an exceptional trumpeter . . . "Marlon's trumpeting, chameleon-like, assumes the colors of the music he plays ..."

    Jordan has toured with the JVC Jazz Festival, opening for Miles Davis. After the label pulled back, Marlon kept moving. He worked with "Jambalaying in Rio," a music festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that celebrated the kinship between Rio and New Orleans. Then on August 29, 2005, Marlon was in New Orleans and it almost cost him his life. Later, he told his story to NPR's Talk of the Nation.

    Marlon looks to his music for a sense of normalcy after nearly losing his life to hurricane Katrina. Trapped on his roof for five days, a long-line helicopter rescue mission pulled Marlon and his girlfriend to safety. But not before he himself rescued two neighbors who were trapped in a burning house, fracturing both his ankles in the process.

    His current project, 3 Faces of Marlon Jordan allows him to transverse along an uncharted path; classical, jazz, and hip hop music all in a three CD compilation.

    Scheduled for a 2009 Fall release, the classical wing of the of the album will include recordings with the Czech Film Orchestra which boast of the best European musicians, including principle players from the Czech Philharmonic, The Czech National Theatre Orchestra, The Czech Radio Orchestra and others while the Hip Hop version will include cuts from Marlon's daughter Lori Jordan whose stage name is Honey Chyl.

    The Marlon Jordan Quartet brings Marlon's clean, boppish lines laced with power, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the entire jazz trumpet tradition . . .

    Permission to re-print is granted

  • Twins Jazz: Review by Michael J. West

  • Marlon Jordan

    June 13, 2009 - The son of New Orleans jazz polymath Kidd, trumpeter Marlon Jordan works largely in mainstream post-bop - a glut of which has been heard by this second weekend of the Duke Ellington Jazz Festival. But Jordan rescued it from ennui at Twins Jazz Friday night with some of the most distinctive stylings the fest has had so far.

    Armed with pianist Allyn Johnson, drummer Aaron Walker, and a bassist whose name even Jordan couldn't tell me (it was their first time playing together, he apologized), the trumpeter began inauspiciously enough with a program of jazz standards. But by the beginning of his second tune, Ellington and Juan Tizol's "Caravan," Jordan had well established his arsenal of high-pitched, triple-tongued squeals that weren't just for accent or surprise: he'd make long phrases and even full choruses out of them. But he'd also balance them out with aggressive low-reaching growls that called to mind Bubber Miley in the early Ellington orchestra.

    These sounds continued through a full set of classics from "What Is This Thing Called Love" to Coltrane's "Impressions" to a slam-dunk reading of "Cherokee," with Jordan also running sonically everywhere in between. Literally everywhere: his horn style was manic, busy, and intense; Jordan himself often looked like he was fighting the trumpet off him, jerking it in wide arcs in front of him and raising it to the ceiling for his high squeals.

    The quartet was an incredible asset, too. Johnson, brilliant and flashy as always, worked glorious block chords and runaway right-hand melodies, also pulling a neat new trick in having the left hand doubling the right about three octaves down on "What Is This Thing Called Love." Walker was a spectacular time keeper with great force on the rides and singular grasp of percussive color: he even played hand-drum on the snare during "Caravan." It's hard to know what to make of the bassist, though; his buzzy, clipped sound wasn't quite the finesse that one expects in jazz, but he more than made up for it with his ear for chords and his melodic sense on solos.

    The indisputable highlight was a slow, subtle take on Wayne Shorter's classic "Footprints," about two-thirds of the way through the set; for once Jordan kept great space in his solo phrases, and concentrated on thoughtful lyricism only occasionally punctuated by bursts of adrenaline. Johnson and Walker did their best work here, too, Johnson with a rolling, pacific piano line that Walker supported with atmospheric cymbal work, and the bassist supplied an impressive solo that was slow and plodding, but also surefooted and clever . . .

    Twins remains one of the best jazz clubs in DC, but their audiences aren't winning any awards.

    Marlon Jordan Photo Gallery


  • J Pierre's Asante Print

    JULY 3, 2009 - J. Pierre will be showcased at the 2009 Essence Music Festival Friday, July 3rd through Sunday, July 5th. He will be signing prints throughout the weekend at his booth in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center at the Essence Marketplace & Art Expo.

    J. Pierre is a New Orleans native who incorporates the spirit of the City of Jazz in each of his vibrant paintings. The expressive reflection of New Orleans culture in his work led to the opportunity to exhibit and sell his art in international and national galleries and museums.

    J. Pierre was commissioned to create the exclusive 2007 Essence Festival official poster and one of the 40 Fleur De Lis displayed in the New Orleans Central Business District. His paintings have been exhibited at the Jazz and Heritage Festival and the Mississippi River Festival and shipped worldwide through J. Pierre's Fine Art Gallery. His fans laud his unwavering dedication to the preservation of New Orleans' music and culture within fine art.

    J. Pierre will have his artwok on display during Marlon Jordan's July 4th performance at The Old Point Bar in Algiers. See You There!

    Click to view the Art of J. Pierre

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    It looks like the perfect event for tomorrow (I would choose it over the picnic). Go for it!

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    Hi Valorie,
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    I'm a huge fan of Veranda also -- keep us posted about your re-"vamped" lawn/garden!

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    Oh it looks like a great time. Have lots of fun. Happy 4th!

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    Happy 4th V*V!

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